Freelancer, how important is a perfect profile, skills and portfolio, for your next gig?

Have you as a freelancer, ever been frustrated with finding a new gig/assignment, scouting all the platforms, marketing and selling your skills, and again and again filling in forms at platforms with your education, skills and portfolio? And collection reviews yourself?
Or is it difficult for you as a starting freelancer to find a proper job; you have the skills, but not the right certificate?

At a force of one, we believe it’s time for change. Covid-19 and technology have changed our world views rapidly. Our current workforce models are outdated and must move from a profit focus to a people focus – putting the person front and center.

Our vision is to build a place for freelancers. A place where freelancers can create, share and control their ultimate, professional digital self, that will enable freelancers to present their professional digital identity for more and better opportunities.

What do you think?

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