Freshworks is heading for a blockbuster IPO, this HN comment validated the need-gap

This very comment on Hacker News made Girish Mathrubootham identify the need-gap in the customer support software and motivated him to quit his cushy job to create Freshdesk, now known as Freshworks.

HN comment which lead to the creation of  Freshworks

Freshworks is now headed onto IPO and is expected to pass $10 Billion in valuation!

There's no better time to talk about how identifying the problem, need-gap is 'the' best way to build products which people want and for sustainable long-term business.

The need-gap in the customer support software resonated with Girish and he had the necessary skills to address it by building a product. Although Hacker News and other similar high quality discussion platforms are a great way to identify such need-gaps it's usually a chance encounter.

I wanted to change this and so I created needgap.com a platform where problems, need-gaps are the first class citizens with the benefits of the minimalism from Hacker News.

At needgap, Identifying a problem which resonates with us is not just a chance encounter but the core philosophy. A place where problems, need-gaps, startup ideas and MVPs can be validated to build products which people want.

I hope by the end of this decade, there are slew of startups like FreshWorks which can claim that they got founded because of a comment at needgap.

P.S. In case you're wondering about the neat HN comment screenshot, I've recently made it possible to send HN items to Kindle through hntokindle.com .

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