From 0 to App Store release in a month

Hi I'm a product builder running my solopreneur agency Cubitoo (https://cubitoo.com) — usually offering Ruby on Rails product building for founders who don't have or don't want a technical cofounder (I just bill for whatever needs to be done and don't take equity). "Making an app" was a huge bucket list item for me for a couple of years already and I finally got to make it a reality! :-)

I released my app Howdy: Journaling & Self-reflection as a side project (working ½ a day most of the days) in about a month from absolute 0 knowledge of Swift (and iOS development), to App Store registration and app release earlier this week (and released 2 more exciting updates since then).

Here are some features:
— CoreData storage,
— custom design, custom components,
— icon and materials done from scratch,
— integration with iOS on the homescreen,
— undo/redo,
— sharing as image,
— faceID/touchID app lock,
— custom themes,
— dark and light mode,
— localized into 3 languages.

If I can answer any of your questions, maybe that helps you release your app too! 👍🏻

You can check the app (iOS) here:

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