From $15 to $99 - UnbundlingReddit 🎉

I was really stoked when I received the email from buymeacoffee “V. Bought you 33 coffees.”

33 coffees

Since I am offering a “Pay what you want” - I am always thrilled when I receive a tip. I expressed it in the post when I received my first 15 bucks - but the stoke keeps increasing.

I even got some feedback about significantly increasing the price 😅 - but I am going to let it as "Pay what you want" until further notice. I find it pretty fun for now. It also helps me understand what the correct pricing would be.

Other news: I have the name “UnbundlingReddit” - thanks @typologist for having commented on my previous post. I am aligned with what you say about being specific at the start in this post.

Next step: build a landing page to scale the demand.

A few words about the service for readers who have not followed the saga: as a compulsive Reddit lurker, I love reading Reddit subs. How is that interesting for you? I am offering Reddit analyses. You give me a subreddit, and I give you a detailed overview of what is appreciated, what engages, and how you can thrive in this community. If you want to unbundle a specific sub or just perform some customer discovery without the hassle of interviewing IRL - I am here for you.

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    Couldn't DM you on Twitter Ben.

    1. 1

      This is odd 😅 I just sent a twitter with mention

      1. 2

        Thanks Ben.

        Guys, had a lil chat with Ben. He is such a nice guy who sounded really passionate in what he is doing. Moreover he helped me with some points that I could use in my landing page.

        Thanks for the suggestions Ben.
        Looking forward

        1. 2

          ^^ thanks for the love @achyuthan! You are the nice guy :D

          Best of luck on https://www.indiehackers.com/product/logicranks -- you are making it man!

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    Hey Ben,

    Looks like fun! Do you have any kind of demo or preview of the analysis I can check out?

    1. 2

      Sure! Current intro pages of the subs analyses looks like this:


        1. 2

          Oh this is you! Thanks for reaching out on Twitter @thomasprestonsp!

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    Hi Ben,
    This sounds quite cool! I have about 5 reddits where I would want this.
    So, I see there are no seats left? :)
    How can we do this? :)

    1. 2

      Hey there!

      I have a backlog of 4 analyses to perform right now. Let me update here on IH when new seats open! It should be in a couple of weeks if that's ok with you!

      I am planning to put the backlog of analyses to perform on the website so that you can have visibility on the queue, what do you think?

      In the meantime, you can DM me on Twitter, I am usually more often on Twitter.

      Love your interest, man!


      1. 1

        Got it, clearly I would have hoped for sooner, but it is what it is :)

        About the visibility queue - that could work, but if you could create something where I would just add mysef to the queue, that would be awesome!

        The idea is that I'm beyond busy, so I'm afraid I will forget :)

        1. 1

          Yey! I will add your subreddits to the queue. My Twitter handle is @ben_cotte - follow me and let's move to Twitter DMs. I can't wait to see which subs you want to have a look at!

          1. 1

            done! will drop you a msg there!

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    Boom! that’s a nice milestone, congrats again! 👏🏻

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    And thanks @albertkim for your feedback - this is priceless!

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    Thanks @harshvijay, @ianmwg, @aPleasantFellow, @devosio, @carlosgnet, @rcruz
    and @ritaoportunity for your encouragements on the first $15! I made it 7x 🤩

    1. 2

      Haha amazing man! ✨

  7. 1

    Thanks again @typologist for your naming advice!

    1. 2

      Sweet! Glad to see how you keep going strong with your idea! Hoping for many more coffees to you, @ben_cotte :)

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