November 4, 2019

From almost shutting down Fathom Analytics to tripling our MRR

Paul Jarvis @pjrvs

This isn’t a story of facing adversity and triumphing over it. The truth is, this story is still being told and we’re just getting warmed up....


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    You are the best. Truly admirable!

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    Does that business have high enough operating costs that it would have to be shutdown if there were no users? I have no idea what type of costs are involved with a scaled out infrastructure, but I always thought these types of businesses were great because you had the luxury of neglecting it without any negative business consequences other than running slightly less efficiently.

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      What Jack said below. I also shut it down as I had lost my technical partner and the thought of finding a suitable replacement was almost too much. Luckily I already knew and had worked with Jack, so it worked out.

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      The infrastructure wasn't moved to being infinitely scalable until I joined. Fathom had 2-3 dedicated servers beforehand and required a lot of DevOps work. When I joined, myself and Paul spoke and we decided that we'd pay a premium to have no DevOps work at all. And the downside of not having a developer on your product is that the product doesn't get developed.