From Being Fired to Building a Multi-Million Dollar Fintech Startup

“How can you make a startup successful?”

That was my main question when I sat down with Yaron Samid.

Yaron is a multi-exit founder whose companies have been acquired by the likes of Microsoft and Cisco, to name but two.

He is also a regular lecturer at Stanford and Columbia business schools, and the founder of TechAviv, one of the largest founder clubs in the world.

“My true passion,” he told me, “is helping the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

So he was more than happy to tell me the story of how he built and scaled his fintech startup BillGuard.

From the number of actionable tips and insights in this interview; it’s easy to see why BillGuard became one of the most popular fintech startups in the world.

Link to the interview: https://altar.io/from-being-fired-to-building-a-multi-million-dollar-fintech-startup/

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