From No-code To Getting $100K From Jason Calacanis


We're launching our first code version of Orapa on Product Hunt today: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/orapa-2-0

Here is our Journey:

  1. I launched Orapa on August 2020 (alone). I first tried to sell the thing before even thing of building (note: I have a sales background). So I guess it was fairly easy for me.

  2. We won the Pioneer Tournament in October. (any fellow Pioneers here?)

  3. In November my CTO and cofounder joined. And he started to work full-time on getting the code version to the market. (tip: VCs still want to see real tech aka code)

  4. In November - started fundraising. This is hard!

  5. In December, I cold email Jason Calacanis - the legendary angel that investing in Uber, Calm, Robinhood,

  6. In January we got a check from Jason.

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    sounds like a good "how it started/how it's going" tweet :-)

  2. 3

    That's really great, Congrats. Can you share the details of the email you sent?

    Did you use a template? Did you include a deck?


  3. 3

    That's awesome, congrats! I've been a long time listener of Jason's This Week in Startups podcast.

  4. 1

    Awesome work @stanrym! Congrats on the raise and well done! I would love to tap into your insights speak interview you for a no-code project I am building myself. Can you commit 30min of your time over the next couple of days?

  5. 1

    Amazing journey so far, super inspiring! I've just completed my own MVP no-code app (a few more testing iterations to go) and am trying to figure out what is the next best step.

    From your own experience of building a no-code to "real" code, was this decision purely because of funding or were there other reasons? I'm currently assessing if my app should stay no-code or not.

  6. 1

    Nice job Stan! Way to go!

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