Front-end Developer looking to collaborate

Hello Indie Hackers,

I am a full-stack developer with skills in React, REST API, and some back-end. I can also build very clean websites with React. Give me a Figma or Adobe XD file and watch me convert it in no time. And I work very fast.

I have some time on my hand, so I am looking to collaborate and help founders build their vision or prepare for their pitch.

To eliminate the awkwardness ;-). I am VERY flexible on compensation because I want to increase the number of live projects under my belt.

Check me out here and find my contact: https://github.com/avoajaugochukwu

Send me a message, and we can work something out.

Thank you.

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    Experience Language is about to start the Founder's Institute accelerator and could use a technical co-founder. The basic idea is here:


    Let me know if you are interested in talking more:




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    I'm a full-stack dev as well, but I prefer angular personally. I'm also good with figma, product design and project management, let's see what we can do.

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    Charles 👋

    Impressive projects on your GitHub. Figma -> React components looks awesome.

    We are building a healthcare currency for the modern workforce in Africa, and are looking for React dev's to contribute to our web platform. Let me know if you'd be open to chatting and learning more about our project.

    📧 : [email protected]

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    Would love to explore if we can work together. My skills are more to do with marketing and traction building. And I am looking to team up with someone for a possible couple of products. Hit me up, if you want to explore.

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    Hi Charles

    Lets chat. We have an MVP product already and few clients using it in pilot stage. Email is [email protected]


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    would you be interested in teaching me to code a gatsby site for my business?

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        I also need one. My website https://storegatsbyjsorgmaster54580.gtsb.io/ is still empty after being added to the shopping cart. Why? I want to build a headless e-commerce store based on shopify, can you help me realize it

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