Front end guy looking for exciting SAAS project

Hey Indie Hackers!

Me: I'm a Frontend guy with with 3 years experience in React development.

Situation: After working for 6 years, I think I saved enough money for the next year minimal life style, jumping around waiting for something new and exciting.

What I want: During this time, I want to choose what I like to work on (not what they give to me).

What I can offer: Frontend development. I can help you guys convert the Figma design to React app.

Note: Money is not what I need most, but I'm not working for free. My previous freelance rate is 35-40$/hour. So I think I can go low to $15-$20/hour. Full time 40 hours/week or part time.

My prerequisite:

  • Work with SAAS startup that solve real problems with founders who have vision.
  • I prefer to work with problems on niche market, reasonable market sizing.
  • I prefer to work on solutions that improve traditional industries like Construction/Real Estate/Logistics/Manufacturing or Eco/Green oriented.
  • I prefer the solution of improving Customer Experience/Process rather than using complex algorithms/AI/ML with proprietary data.
  • I'm not working on Blockchain/NFT/Games/Coin/VR/Metaverse projects.
  • I'm not working on Project Management/CRM/Developer Utilities/Customer Success/Payment projects.
  • I'm not working on Website Advertising/Marketing/Sales Automation/Analytics projects.
  • The startup should have done with UI/UX with deliverable Figma design.
  • I don't accept equity as a form of payment, only paid contract work.
  • Rate from $15-$20, depends on how project sound exciting to me.

If you're serious and interested, send me a message, tell me who you are, give me a deck regarding your ideas/business. If I'm interested, I will get back to discuss more.

I'm willing to sign NDA.

My contact: forbartbusiness at gmail dot.com

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    This is not a job posting thread ok. Go somewhere else

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      Go fuck yourself man

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    Would you be interested by our project ?

    If yes let's connect :)


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    Hey front-end guy. I am business + backend. Working on stackmuncher.com. Checkout stackmuncher.com/about for what it is supposed to be. Its a hidden page because not all functionality is implemented. Happy to tell you more if you find it interesting.

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    hi, how do we contact you? I don't see email or message option on your profile.

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      Ops sorry, I didn't realize that IH don't have message system. Please shot me an email at forbartbusiness at gmail dot.com

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