Looking to Partner Up February 20, 2020

Full stack Developer looking for a new project (as Cofounder or based on equity/contract). I'll build prototypes, MVPs or finished products!

Jannis @jayfk


I'm a German full stack Developer looking for a new project to work on. I've built and launched a couple of different products and tools in the past. Some of them got acquired, some of them are still running as side projects. To get an overview, check out https://gebauer.dev/

I'm good at turning initial ideas into usable products fast, using a proven tech stack while keeping technical debt low. I can offer to run your project on my own infrastructure while we are starting out. This might help us to get off the ground faster and keep costs down at the same time.

I'm completely open to work on any problem that needs to be solved, either as a Cofounder or based on equity with (and/or) a contract.

Email works best for me, check out my bio or the website linked above.

Happy to hear from you!

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    Hi there, sent you an email about my real estate related project

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    Hi Jannis,

    I have an opportunity you made be interested in. I'd like to connect over a brief call at your convenience.




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    Sent you an email

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    Hi Jannis,

    I'm an experienced Product Designer/Front-end Engineer. I am in the works of fleshing out mocks for an iOS interview/career prep app that would help anyone (focus on growing number of bootcamp grads) land and advance in their career. I would love to tell you guys more about my project as I currently work fulltime but have a goal to turn the app into a full fledged startup.

    Landing site: https://gettoast.co

    Feel free to email me anytime at [email protected]

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    Hi Jannis,

    I have a project on board which I would like you to have a look.
    We launching next month in London.
    Another project about a dating app is coming up and I’m looking to partner with someone who already has similar knowledge as you.
    Drop me a message with your Skype or email so we can get in touch!

    Kind regards,

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    Hi @jayfk

    Nice portfolio!

    I am new here and I would like to try teaming up with someone experienced. I do front end - React, UI/UX, SEO, performance optimizations, FE builds setup.

    I don't really care what the product is... as long as the team is good. Here is LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/yanko-shterev-a3652623/

    Ping me if you are interested or have any questions.

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    Hi Jannis, you seem to have a similar background, would you maybe have a few thoughts about https://www.indiehackers.com/post/how-to-sell-a-startup-to-another-company-994397596f?

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    Hi Jannis, please check out our www.e-lera.com. We are providing health insurance to Africa's low-income population for 4 cents a day. We would love to have you on the project. Let me know when you can talk :)

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      How do I connect with you? Reach out to me :[email protected]

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    Hellow Jannis, Love your work would love to chat more about a couple projects I have. Let me know when you'd be available to chat!

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      Can you shoot me a mail (in my profile)?

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    Hello Jannis! I have an Eventspaces web app that I need some help with. Most of the coding has already been done just need to make it screaming fast and a little more user friendly. Let me know if you’re interested: https://eventspaces.herokuapp.com/

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