Looking to Partner Up July 20, 2020

Full stack developer looking for UK partner

Super Static

I'm a full stack dev with 7 years experience using Microsoft technologies. I have worked for companies of all sizes, mainly in the finance sector. I have experience building development teams and I am responsible for both recruiting and training new developers in my current position.

My technical skills are strong and I am comfortable tackling complex technical challenges independently. I have seen many examples (good and bad) of development practices. I know what it takes to build software that lasts, scales and delights its users.

I'm looking for UK based partner(s) with ideas at any stage. Ideally, I would like to partner with someone who has the marketing/business skills that I lack.

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    I am the CEO of Defendr Technologies Limited. We are aiming to build a software which will find online activity in human trafficking and modern slavery.

    Our financials forecast a profit of £300,000 year one and, with only 3 more subscriptions per year, £1.5m year two.

    I am looking for a full stack developer to partner up with. If you are interested in a project which will make you money and help you to eradicate online modern slavery, please hmu!


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    Hey! Would love to hear more about you - have you built any apps? Do you have LinkedIn?

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    Hope you’re keeping well!

    I would love to discuss more, so if you would be interested. Hit me up on [email protected] or add me on discord: Sha101#1831. My Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shalin-doshi-839793119/

    As a quick preface: I have a strong marketing and sales background that's what I have done before starting my own company and continue to do that alongside with Coding

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    Hello, Super Static, Just posted my project here: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/developer-will-not-do-cto-required-3b4ebebaec. Please, have a look. Based in East London.

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    Hi, Super Static. Could you please write your email address.

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      Hi sas222, you can reach me at [email protected]