Looking to Partner Up February 14, 2020

Fullstack developer ready to help creating any MVP

Mariano Peyregne @marian0

If you have a business idea and you need to validate it with an MVP, feel free to chat me to discuss about it and how can we help each other.

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    Hi Mariano, what is your email I woud like to contact you.

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    Hi Mariano. My idea is helping small and medium size businesses sell online. It is still at the ideation phase. Let me know if this interest you.

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    Hey Mariano - my partner and I are working on an email app for journalists and business pros that uses NLP to filter unsolicited email pitches. We're working on our MVP but looking for a third technical partner to join. Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you there's any interest. Happy to chat and hear your thoughts/feedback on it as well. Thanks.

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    Hi Mariano, I'm working on a Martech/digital content optimisation platform and would like to connect with you to understand the technical feasibility of such a product (possibly build an MVP if it interests you). Let me know. We can get on a google hangout and figure it out from there.

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    @marian0 let's chat....my idea is already at MVP stage but might be good to join forces