Fundamental motivation to work and why it's important

Once again, our product team had a conversation about why searching for the fundamental motivation to work was and still is so important and challenging for us.

It's a never-ending journey of becoming more and more self-aware, carving your values, and finding what's important for you in life.

We realized that the more we talk about this, the happier we are about our everyday work. On the other hand, if we are not honest with ourselves we are doing and creating things with bitterness and lack of meaning. Expedient things, that don't fulfill our hearts.

For us, this is one of the biggest challenges in business as well as in our own personal lives.

You can watch the full conversation here, if you are up for some brain food 🧠

Last but not least, I am curious - what's your fundamental motivation to work, and most importantly to work as an indie hacker? I believe it might inspire and encourage someone else here.

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    The biggest fundamental motivation for me while working on Brutask.com is to make sure that everyday I am working towards something that not just helps people improve their lives, but also to improve themselves.

    Like you talked about in the video, having the idea of "Why" you are doing something is very powerful and I think that's what pushes people further, even when the process of building something gets tough.

    Thanks for sharing the conversation video @JohanCutych!

    P.S I loved how Private jet was once a motivation for work, been in the same boat before! 😂

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      Thanks for sharing your motivation and why - you got a good one. And I feel humbled you listen to the conversation and left a comment here, thanks!

      And yeah, I think many people have it like this and might feel ashamed of it later on. But it's normal and important to talk about in my opinion :)

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