Funding SaaS Projects With $0...

A year ago, the pandemic started and I took the first BIG (independent) leap to follow something bigger than the status quo - start my entrepreneurial journey.

I had just finished college and it was either university or apprenticeship; nothing else was an option because society doesn’t push it.

Fast forward year:

I’ve very recently got into the SaaS/Startup world after exiting the marketing space which didn’t really align with me.

I’ve adopted the lean startup methodology and testing different ideas and businesses (2 so far).

Being a non-technical founder, I’ve found that It’s very hard to bootstrap a project that requires coding and development.

On the side, I’ve decided to go back to my high-school days and get creative.

I decided to create IOS 14 Icon packs and sell them in order to fund my startup businesses.

FYI You can see them here (Shameless plug, but I’m using Gumroad to sell them): https://fromo.gumroad.com/l/3packicons

I wanted to make this post to get some idea of how to most effectively sell these low ticket products such as icons (without paid marketing preferably) in order to fund my startup ideas.

Everything generated from these digital products will go to funding my startup ideas.

I’d love to connect with others also doing similar things and share some tips and insights.

Any feedback and ideas mean a lot.


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    Yes, I'm also feeling that having a few small projects that work is better than having a big one in development for a few years. I am the opposite -- a tec guy with no experience in marketing. You are actually in a better position -- you can use many no-code tools. Sadly, there are no "no-marketing" tools out there, just a few helpers.

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