Gain new customers by promoting your company on the product you sell

Gain new customers through "native ads" by promoting your company somewhere on the product that you sell.

John "Pliny" Eremic of Endcrawl ($20,000/mo) gets roughly 10% of new customers this way. He places his company's name and logo and the bottom of all Endcrawl projects as default. These can be removed by the customer but many choose to leave them there. As a result, Endcrawl is sprinkled across hundreds of films, including roughly a third of the films at Sundance. He encourages all founders to put thought into what might constitute a "native ad" in their space.

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    That's an interesting thing I've thought for some time about: when choosing what to work on, should you take into account wether you can promote your product by putting your brand on it?
    (This doesn't work for every product!)

    1. 1

      Yeah, this will work best for products that are displayed to non-customers. It's definitely something to consider :)

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