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Gain subscribers by running a give-away with social sharing built in

Grow your list with high-quality subscribers by running a give-away contest and including social sharing.

Jesse Neugarten of Dollar Flight Club ($1,500/mo) grew his list to 10,000 subscribers when he gave away a free flight. The flight was a good choice because it appealed to his audience, giving him high-quality and engaged subscribers. He also offered them five extra entries if they followed him on social media, or four extra entries if they shared it, which made the tactic even more successful.

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    +1 for running giveaways and +1,000 to making the prize something that appeals to your audience (not something generic.)

    Instagram has ~4X engagement than any other network since it's more visual, so it works better if your audience is there.

    If you run an Instagram giveaway here's a good free Instagram giveaway app we used along with a guide .

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