Gain traction by targeting less saturated foreign markets first

Alex Lashkov of Linguix.com ($1,000/mo) grew to 4,700 users by targeting less saturated foreign markets, which gave him enough traction to get into bigger markets. It's often cheaper to advertise in non-English speaking countries, yet millions of English speakers reside there and are an under-tapped potential. So, he targeted these smaller markets and countries where his product might have a potential audience. Then, since he didn't know what was popular on the web in those places, he paid $10-20 for consultations through UpWork to ask natives in those markets where to post his content.

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    Which markets did you target @growthbites ?

    1. 1

      hey! We target worldwide, as the service is handy for everyone, who writes in English. But the real life shows that we get organic traction in the US and Latin America. I assume this is why countries in this region have strong connections to the US (a lot of people have relatives, or Spanish natives living in the US)

    2. 1

      Good question! @alexlash is the guy to ask

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