Gamification group is live now: Comment to get one game technique to improve your website or product

So we are finally 10 members and live now 🥳

I'll try to keep this group super fun and valuable. You all are encouraged to ask relevant questions or share resources and help each other.

Let's start with a small game 🕹

  1. What was your most favourite game when you were a child 👶
  2. Share your website or product link and write in one line what metric you would want to increase.

I'll check your link and will try to suggest one simple game technique which you can implement. Others are welcome to provide suggestions as well.

PS: I am not expert in this field but I am trying to learn it by helping others.

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    Hey this is good. I worked 2 years as a product owner and developer for gamification projects. My fav games was JazzJack Rabbit 1 & 2 and Diablo.

    1. 1

      That’s great.

      Also I can’t think of anyone who is into gamification and hasn’t played Diablo. So much impactful game mechanics to learn from that game

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    1. Super Smash Bros. 64

    2. Flexbox Defense (WebsiteTwitter). I actually don't much care to grow the site, but I enjoy sharing my small contribution to the world of gamification 🎮

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      Much thanks 🙏

      Smash 64 was fun :)

      I am writing an article covering major game techniques used in original Mario.

      Flexbox seems a simple gamified css learning project. Unable to properly view it from my mobile.

      Will check from my laptop shortly. :)

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      Checked it. Some simple changes to make it a lot of better (Sharing it just for learning purpose 😇)

      1. You’ve done the fictional genre setup. But just directly telling “defending” is your job, do it - isn’t impactful. In this case there has to be story. A narrative where users believe they are part of something larger than themselves. (It makes them take tasks more seriously)

      2. You can create a simple and story. Write it in distinct fonts. Something like - You are the last great master mind standing. Enemy is coming and if they are let pass then our home as we know it will be destroyed. Defend your village. Defend your homes.

      3. Then CSS instruction will be written below.

      4. Changing “OK, got it” to “Ready to defend”

      5. Next, Top 70% screen should be allocated to the game arena and 30% bottom writing css code. (Display vertically, not horizontally) - (This will help writing fast and better and help quickly look at what is going on in arena as well)

      6. Countdown Timer would work amazingly here as well. I.e. You have 30 seconds to clear first wave or your home is in danger. (Simple and effective, emergency will make them finish your game super fast)

      7. End with image of happy and safe village. And as a result they will have learn one core css property that they would never forget.

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    Fav. Game - Tony Hawk Pro Skater
    Newsletter Youtube I'd like to increase reach/interest in the Newsletter. The YT channel is just a reference to where content started for me.

    My goal is to figure out a way to bring Gamification into the architecture industry and get more people involved! It's a topic I've been pretty interested in for some time now.

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      Your Substack link isn't working.

      Bring gamification into architecture industry? That's interesting.

      I'm currently learning lots of things in gamification. I am just baffled that how under-talked it is.

      I'm writing a lot on core game techniques to use in non gaming digital products. However the core techniques can be used anywhere and on anything, even life itself.

      Feel free to DM me on twitter https://twitter.com/Api42_ . I'll see how can I help you to bring gamification into arch. industry.

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        Sorry about that! https://josephech.substack.com/

        I read your post about the game Journey and the breakdown was really interesting to see how it can be broken down and used outside of the video game world.

        1. 1

          Thanks @josephech

          That was just experimental article. Now, many more like that in pipeline.

          Any critical feedback on it (Except the bad grammar) ?

          1. 1

            Can't wait to read more!

            I enjoyed the format. I hate being that guy but the only feedback would be on grammar. There were a few grammatical errors. Aside from that it was great!

            1. 2

              I haven't proof read the article. That's why 😀

              Btw thanks. I intend to implement many of the game techniques I share to lead by example. Hope that helps most.

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