Generate a custom React app with UI, auth, and live data ⛅️ 🚀

I'm super excited to finally launch database integration on Divjoy, a tool for quickly generating a custom React codebase and UI.

You can choose between Cloud Firestore or a REST API where you can connect to your database of choice. Divjoy automatically generates the code needed to make queries and give you a fully-functioning React app out of the box. Over the next few weeks, I'm planning on adding a bunch more database providers, like Postgres, Hasura, and FaunaDB. Any that you'd like to see?

PS. I announced it this morning on Twitter and it's kind of been blowing up. Feel free to jump in with a retweet or question if you'd like to help keep the party going 🙏

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    Looks very interesting. I do have a suggestion:
    How about doing a "How To" video series with the first one showcasing the features?

    I don't have a need for it at the moment but could see using this in the future.

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      Great idea! This has been on my list for awhile and need to finally just need to do it.

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    I found Divjoy from the bulma homepage last year. I purchase it since year, and currently using Nextjs, it helped me to quickly port my react project to something that was structured and fully using hooks. I am super glad with my purchase, I would recommend to anyone!

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      That's awesome to hear! Glad Divjoy worked out for you :)

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    This is a big deal, @Gabe. Congratulations. I have been following Divjoy's progress and am glad to see this release.

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      Thanks so much @ryanh1! Super excited about the possibilities now that data is in. Working payments, CRUD interfaces.. all sorts of stuff I can do now :)

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    Really cool, just bookmarked for my next project! Out of curiosity if I choose "Other" for a data store and go the REST API direction what db's does it support? MongoDB? Is the API itself in Node / Express or something like that?

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      Good question! I should clarify this. The backend will always be Node. If you choose "Other" as your host you'll get an Express server. If you choose ZEIT Now or Netlify you'll get serverless functions properly formatted for the respective host. You should be able to connect to MongoDB in all cases.

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        That’s great! Look forward to trying it out for my next project!

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          Nice! Reach out anytime if you have questions. Always happy to walk you through the codebase or advise on how to extend it to do what you need.

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    Congrats Gabe! It's been a pleasure seeing your progress with Divjoy --- and being a very small part of your journey with Divjoy and you being as an early adopter of Herald to collect all your user feedback.


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      Thanks for the support Jay!

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    That's amazing nice work!
    I will definitely try this out!

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      Thanks! Would love to hear your thoughts if you give it a try.

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    Nice work! As a backend dev with limited React experience, I'm seriously considering Divjoy for my next full-stack project.

    My DB would be Postgres FWIW 👍

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      Thanks Levi! Reach out anytime if you'd like to give it a try and need help getting setup. Always happy to hop on a call to walk you through the exported code or give advice on how to extend it to your needs.

      What backend tech do you generally use? Postgres is definitely on the list, although need to figure out the best Node client to use.

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        Appreciate that! Will do 👍
        I've mostly used Go, C# and Java but this app would probably be written in Go. Postgres for the DB but any relational DB would do really.

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        Hey I just saw this Twitter thread from Tyler Tringas and curious about your thoughts on it!

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          Thanks for sharing this thread. Perfect timing since I just did the opposite, and now I need to think things over 🤔

          EDIT: ok, having thought things over, I'm still gonna go with web app and website on the same platform. Because I'm using Gatsby for both (website and web app), I don't think it makes sense to split them and I see a lot of benefits of having them together. If I ever do need to separate the two, I don't think it'll take more than a day of work.

          Thanks again for sharing, it's good to think about these things.

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          I think it's a bit different when you're a one or two-person team of devs who are comfortable tweaking landing page content in code. In that case, having a single repo for everything and sharing styles, components, etc can be really convenient. Most of Divjoy's customers fit this mold.

          I think he's probably right for bigger teams where you want to give marketing/design full-control over the landing page and not waste engineer time. In my opinion, it's over-optimizing to worry about this case when you're just a solo-dev trying to ship quickly.

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            Agree. Also, with a bit of careful planning, I think you could set up your code so that separating the app from the website wouldn't be too hard.

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