Geocodes weekly updates, 9/20 - 9/24

For my work on geo.codes

✅Done this week

  • Autogenerated Python, JavaScript, Go, and PHP SDK libraries
  • Linked to the SDK documentation hub in the onboarding email
  • Added a content hub in the documentation for them

🎯 Actionable goals for next week

  • Automatically add subscribers to my emailoctopus list
  • Make an onboarding email sequence
  • Make autogenerated documentation pages from the openapi spec

🙃 Struggles if any

  • Not sure if my SEO approach is paying off - getting some organic traffic from Bing (?) and Yahoo (??) but not Google yet.
  • The OpenAPI generators are pretty good, but not amazing. The READMEs they generate are very thorough, but kind of confusing. There are also lots of oddities in the autogenerated output. OTOH, I've been able to make working code with the generated libraries within 1 minute.
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    hey Jacob, what are you trying for SEO? would be good if there is any measurable metrics.

    1. 2

      Ahoy - I started thinking about SEO like 3 weeks ago, starting from basically nothing. Since the most common thing I've heard is "it takes 3-6 months to really see the impact," it's not clear to me whether I'm on the right track.

      What I've tried

      • Made a list of long-tail keywords to target based on traffic and Adwords' estimated ad spend for those. I've been working up the long tail from least-common to most-common, trying to build pages that address those phrases well
      • Started a blog, have mostly been publishing updates about changes that I've made to the service
      • Initial backlinks: publishing SDKs to things like NPM, Packagist, etc


      • Backlinks in Google Search Console: 3 came from my activity and 1 was a link from someone I don't know
      • Average page position: 30.1 (yikes!)
      • 28 day impressions: 138 (up 9% month/month)

      What I'd like to try but haven't yet:

      • Writing longer-form blog posts tailored for subreddits and Hacker News
      • Getting my service published on API aggregator services
      • Integrate with more popular 3rd party geocoding libraries like Geopy
      • Using tools like Ahrefs to investigate other companies in the Geocoding space to see where they're getting backlinks
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    Autogenerated Python, JavaScript, Go, and PHP SDK libraries

    Interested to know how you did this?

    1. 1

      I generate an OpenAPI spec using swaggo

      It produces this spec: https://api.geo.codes/swagger/doc.json

      This spec can be used to autogenerate a documentation page: https://api.geo.codes/swagger/index.html

      Or you can plug it into something like OpenAPI Generator to produce client libraries. They have varying quality levels, so I don't feel like I've 100% solved this yet, but it's much handier than writing all the libraries yourself

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