Get new users by requesting app reviews following positive interactions with your product

Don't miss out on the ripest opportunities to generate social proof for your company. Right after you've provided value, request feedback in-app.

@CristianDobos of Deepstash got 260% more app reviews when he implemented an in-app modal that requested a review once the user had experienced a high-value feature (in his case, when the user saved 5 ideas and made a "stash"). No joke, their download-to-rating ratio is now double that of competing apps. And here's why that's important: More reviews led to better rankings, which led to more downloads (peaking at about 4,000/day), which led to more reviews and so on.

Even if you're not using a marketplace like Google Play, this can work for you — it may not increase your rankings but it will provide valuable feedback for a better product, as well as testimonials for that oh-so-important social proof.

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