Get text-based help when you're stuck with code/no-code [need feedback]

I've bumped into this myself and it's very frustrating.
I need small code fixes and I just want to pay somebody to unblock me.

Codementor is great but why do I have to schedule a meeting with someone? Code is text, that should be the priority medium.

I've built this layout above in literally 30 minutes and wanted to get some opinions on it.
It can be used for any issue, no code, design, debugging.

I was thinking it would be message based, you'd submit a request and set a bounty for solving it. Developers could match that bounty or name their price and you could choose who you want to solve it with via DMs.
I was also thinking it could integrate with Tupple for remote code pairing (anything but not freaking Zoom or meet).

What do y'all think?

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