Get Unstuck: Innovation Coaching Tips

As an innovation coach, I help entrepreneurs, risk-takers and big dreamers unlock their creativity so that they can more readily use it to solve problems. I love working with creative and fearless entrepreneurs, and if you are reading this, that includes YOU!

What I enjoy about the IndieHacker community is we all share the commonality of solving for something through our creative efforts. Many are building SaaS-companies, others are building platforms or other solutions, and others are responding to important gaps left behind for the world to deal with by building something new, and in public.

What I love most of all though is that we share something else that is unique to IndieHackers specifically: we all have creative ideas. Not only do we have creative ideas, but these ideas burn so brightly within us that the ideas have motivated us to do something about it, and here we all are.

However, innovation and creativity are not linear processes which is supported by the neuroscience. Because of this, our ideas behave unique to us as well and the downside is that sometimes our innovation engine grinds to a halt. Our good ideas are stuck within us, a creative constipation. This is where I come in - I have so many different tips to regain forward momentum when it comes to innovation!

I look forward to sharing a few Innovation Coaching tips weekly to help anyone who might be 'stuck'. I may not be able to help with your technical SaaS issue or fix bugs, but I sure can help you get going when it feels like your creativity has dried up. Building something new and introducing it to the world is hard stuff...not just the process of it all, but getting the world to adopt something new, and I am here for it!

Onward, upward, bolder and brighter!

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