April 15, 2019

Getting Instagram Followers to Download App?

Armen 🤠 @armen

I've got a newer project, and have built up it's instagram to a little over a thousand. But my app installs are still under 100!

Have any other IH folk had the same issue? and if so how did you start converting followers into users?

I would kill for a good case study!

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    I follow a lot of stuff I would never use. I would spend some time chatting with folks to understand why they're following in the first place. It might because you're witty or fun to watch, not because your app is useful to the person.

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    Idk, dude. If you want more users, I guess you just need more followers. It's very simple, not everyone who follows your account is really interested and would download your app. Just get more followers, and you will have more users. I know an app that promotes instagram accounts and boosts the number of the followers. You can receive free instagram auto likes! You can find it here https://igautolike.com/free-instagram-auto-likes

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    Are links clickable on Instagram Stories? Have you tried that?

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      IIRC you need 10k followers or verified to be able to add links to stories.

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        Yep, so waiting to hit that number. in the mean time I've just been doing "link in bio"

        Anyone tried buying enough fake followers to get the 10k number faster?