Getting Into SaaS As A Non-tech Founder

Hey everyone,

Hope all your projects are going great.

I'm wondering if anyone got any tips and tricks on how to get into SaaS as a non-tech founder, without a massive budget too?

I want to end up creating a full-suite sort of SaaS business at some point similar to Hubspot etc.

I'd love to know if anyone's got anything to help out?

I've already learnt about Bubble.io and learning it, but I'm not sure if this is buildable through no code.


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    One way to build is to find a technical co-founder. Do you have any experience in sales and marketing?

    Would love to connect: [email protected]

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    Would suggest instead of trying to do a full suite, focus on one thing and do it really well. You're never going to catch up to HubSpot in features, but you might be able to do one thing better than them if you hone in on it.

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