Getting out of my comfort zone

One of my biggest struggles has been feeling inadequate or insecure around other developers and indiehackers because of the fact that I didn't come from a business or tech background. On top of that, I'm still pretty new to coding (self taught for 1 year). That led me to becoming more of a lurker on IH instead of actively participating in it.

At the same time, it feels really lonely going through this journey by myself. Most of my friends aren't interested in entrepreneurship or business in general.

After some self reflection I've realized that, despite my insecurities, I need to get out of my comfort zone. I want to talk to people who are on the same wavelength as me and hopefully make some friends too!

So today I went out of my comfort zone and signed up for one of the online IH meetups this friday. I'm feeling excited but also intimidated because I feel like I'm so new at this still!

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    well done for getting out the comfort zone. it's difficult!! I'm in exactly the same position. it's reassuring to see others feels the same. didn't even know there was an online meetup. :p

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      Thanks! I literally just finished the meeting and it was awesome! Although I felt like I didn't have much to contribute, it was so inspiring seeing people who are well into their entrepreneurial journeys.

      I've realized listening to podcasts and reading books only do so much but meeting people irl is really something I've been missing.

      It's definitely worth it! :)

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        ahh nice. i think i'll give one a go next week :)

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    Hi Aaron, I also got out of my comfort zone, as a lurker, to share more things here on IH. I'd never felt better when I did that. People here are so supportive, warm. Thanks to the amazing work @csallen @channingallen and @rosiesherry have been doing

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      That's great to know you did the same and you are better for it! I'm definitely excited to be more active in this community :)

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    Leaving comfort zone == progress
    I'm doing it also.
    And IH online meetups are cool places, don't worry, you'll enjoy

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      Thanks for the encouragement Bruno!! :)

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    Aaron I look forward to meeting you at Friday's Bootstrapper Breakfast. It's a low key event where entrepreneurs introduce themselves, describe what they are working on, and if they care to, put a current challenge up for discussion. Other attendees will ask questions to help clarify the situation and offer perspectives on approaches to consider. The full list of this month's events is up at Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in September 2020

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      Hi Sean, look forward to meeting you as well. Thanks for the little summary on what to expect tomorrow. I'm definitely excited to be part of it tomorrow! :)

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    Make some friends on Twitter, here, and Facebook groups you're in. Call them. Really helps out in these lonely COVID times.

    The entrepreneurship journey sucks alone - because most people just can't understand. Connect with your fellows. It's awkward and scary at first but I've made some wonderful friends this year 100% with the Internet.

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      Thanks for the advice and encouragement Ryan! I'm definitely going to try to put myself out there more.

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