Getting some customers prelaunch?

I'm getting close to launch with twitMate and am keen to get a few customers lined up so it can hit the ground running. Is my idea for prelaunch any good and is the timing for it OK?

How close to launch?

The service itself is completed and has been running successfully in private Beta for a few months. However, I still have to develop the website - front of site and dashboard. I have just completed the design for the front end.

Here is my plan:

  • I intend to offer a limited number of people a heavily discounted subscription for life. Something like the first 10 customers, 75% off. These would start before I have online payments in place as I can set these up manually. But I'd like site and dashboard to be complete by then.

  • I have just started to try to promote this. All I have is a link on the current holding page https://twitmate.com/ and a pinned tweet: https://twitter.com/twitmate/status/1362031287880413192

So do you have any other ideas on how I can go about lining up my first 10 customers pre-launch?

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    What if you start by adding a sign-up textbox in your current website so users can join the waitlist?

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      Thanks - that might be a bit better than email link that's there already. I am working on the landing page (future home page) at the minute so I'll bear that in mind.

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