Give customers an extra unit of your product that they can share with friends

Your customers can sell their friends on your product better than you can. But they need a nudge. Try including extra units of your product with some orders so people can share with others.

RC Williams of Rejuvia ($55,000/mo) was pleasantly surprised when he experimented with doubling some of his customers' orders. When they purchased a product, he'd send them two and ask them to share one with a friend who would appreciate it (or enjoy it themselves). The result was 0.45 more new customers for every doubled order, which amounts to nearly one new customer for every two orders. And then there's the fact that customer reviews and relationships were improved, which led to even more engagement and word-of-mouth exposure.

You don't need a physical product to see these benefits — you can throw in an extra software license, a coupon for 3 free months on a new subscription, etc.

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