Give feedback on the «problem slide» from Getlanding's seed deck

I'm trying to clearly state the problem in our seed deck for Getlanding.io.

What do you think?

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    Lots of great content, but it could be improved with some visuals:

    I think it can be simplified to just
    "Startups agonize & waste hours on landing pages"

    Then below a 3-column "Goldilocks" diagram showing how the existing solutions fail:

    Templates (inflexible) → No-code (learning curve) → Outsourcing (low creative control)

    Using familiar icons or logos can make it even more easy to grasp immediately.

    You might find these pitch deck templates helpful — created by experts with a $100M+ track record of fundraising success: Seed or Series A to exit and M&A!

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      Interesting. Thanks for the help!

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