Giving back to the community - Book me for a 30mins UX design feedback session for your project.

I will give and discuss design feedback with you on your project for free. Book me for a 30mins call


Why am I doing this
One of my goals for the next 12 months is contribute actively to the indie-hacking community and teach myself even more the value of giving back to the community I belong to. That's why I decided to do around 6 remote review sessions every week and help fellow indie-hackers! This way the feedback is more focused, interactive, and we can get into deeper design details.

About me
I am an 7+ years experienced product designer with engineering background. I built my own small design studio https://www.befoolish.co where I reached 120k annual revenue, I worked as the design lead for https://www.ticketswap.com a marketplace with more than 5 million users and I am now building my own products. I also document my journey to indie-hacking on a weekly basis http://getrevue.co/profile/jimzarkadas

Let me know what you think! 🙌

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    This is awesome. I had to take you up on the offer @jimzarkadas. I just booked some time for next week. Much appreciated!

    1. 4

      Awesome man, looking forward to meeting you! Btw your post https://www.indiehackers.com/post/i-will-review-and-give-feedback-on-your-mvp-drop-it-below-5460ac7beb inspired me to try this experiment since I saw all the positive reactions below 😅🙌

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        Oh that is awesome my man. Really looking forward to it!

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    I am not sure if you are providing any more reviews for the community since I can't find a slot for booking you, but I would really appreciate if you could give me some points regarding a website

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    Glad to see this. Though I have missed it this time. I would like to get your inputs for my product when the slot is open next. Appreciate your help Jim.

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      Thanks! I will open new slots at the end of this or next week and post it here on IH in the Design and UX group :)

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    Thanks @jimzarkadas- Would love your advice, but there are no time slots left. My product is SplashPad, the website that helps you write about your product more effectively by suggesting language while you write: https://getsplashpad.com.

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      Hey! I opened some new slots for July :)

      1. 1

        Excellent. I just signed up.

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    Awesome thanks so much just signed up for a slot in July. We could def use some input on our UI at GrepMed. Would be happy to give you a return shoutout to our social media following on IG/twitter 🙏

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    So dope. I just booked some time in July to do a run-through of stridist.com together. Appreciate this!

    1. 1

      Awesome looking forward to it!

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    Hey Jim, thanks for offering this to the community. Just booked a time!

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      Awesome looking forward to meeting you!

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    Your website is amazing, seriously well done!

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      Thank you a lot really appreciate it!

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    So nice to see someone giving their background. I see a lot of these "I will critique you" type of threads but the person gives absolutely zero reason as to why I should care about their opinion. And most times we probably shouldn't care about their opinion.

    However you've a solid background that makes this really worthwhile.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the kind words really appreciate it! Indeed for me as well it was important to describe why I can bring some good insights because these kind of posts feel like the want to sell you something behind the scenes all the time haha

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    I just booked! Excited to hear your ideas, our app needs a lot of work! Your style is ideal, so hopefully you can share some general pointers :)

    You're a saint for offering this to the community


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      Awesome! I look forward to meeting you :)

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    Would love to have your feedback. Booked a time slot. Thanks for doing this.

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    First off, awesome experiment with taking the time off and just working on what you heart desires. I looked at the links and they all look awesome, and began reading your weekly updates - keep em coming.

    Dude, this outreach effort is also really cool, and a great idea. I would love to get in touch and discuss a few things with you, whenever you have time. Please hit me up on [email protected]

    1. 1

      Thanks, really appreciate your enthusiasm!

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    Great to see peeps like you, thanks man.

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    Awesome! Just booked a time for this Thursday to take a look at Portabella together.

    I really struggle with design and UX so there's a lot of low hanging fruit I'm sure.

    1. 1

      I think it looks good, and your website is really nice!

    2. 1

      Awesome, looking forward to it!

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