Giving Conversion Rate Optimization tips for your landing page after seeing thousands in action!


For the past two years, my full-time job has been improving the conversion rates of our clients' landing pages.

I know that the landing page design and copywriting depends on the target audience, but there are some MUST FOLLOW rules when it comes to CRO that apply to all landing pages.

I invite you to leave the link to your site in the comments, along with a short description of what is your business about.

I will:

  • Determine if the texts communicate correctly what you want to say.
  • Analyze the design.
  • Analyze your site's performance.
  • Give you some tips for improving your landing page to get more conversions!
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    Hi Franco, thanks for doing this!

    Id be interested to hear your opinion about some of my high seo pages like this: https://Share-A-Cart.com/supported/walmart

    I see a lot of traffic but not too much clicktrhu and installs so your thoughts would be very helpful.

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      Well, I bet that on all the questions you have written on the first paragraph of that page you have covered a lot of important keywords for your niche.

      Now, when you create a page whose intent is to guide and help people with an issue, you need to assure that the user experience is on point.

      From what I can see, that FAQ page is needing more structure and a bit more spacing between ideas.

      Try to create a narrative in your writing. I recommend you studying the AIDA model: https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/resources/knowledge/other/aida-model-marketing/#:~:text=The AIDA Model%2C which stands,material cost%2C direct or service&text=Process-costing%2C on the other hand can be used.

      Also, avoid big chunks of text like this one:
      Walmart is supported in a number of ways. First, Share-A-Cart for Walmart covers Walmart.com and Walmart Grocery sections of the Walmart site. Next, Share-A-Cart for Everything allows you to send and receive Walmart.com shopping cart. And last, Share-A-Cart for Groceries allows you send and receive grocery baskets from Walmart Grocery.

      An example of how you can make this better is:

      Walmart is supported in a number of ways:

      1. Share-A-Cart for Walmart covers Walmart.com and Walmart Grocery sections of the Walmart site.

      2. Share-A-Cart for Everything allows you to send and receive Walmart.com shopping cart.

      3. Share-A-Cart for Groceries allows you send and receive grocery baskets from Walmart Grocery.

      Hope this helps!

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        Hey @franco_g thank you for the insightful explanation. Definitely something I'll be addressing.

        You wouldn't be offering copywriting services would you? I could use a good copywrite rewrite across the site.

        1. 1

          Hey! It's great to know that my tips were helpful.

          Unfortunately, I don't do copywriting, sorry.

          I'm from Uruguay, and you need someone with native English to really nail the copy.

          Thanks for the offer though!

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    Thanks Franco!


    It is a page for a single product - boiler plate code for aws - with the intention of making sales in order to validate market demand for infrastructure code as a product.

    Thanks in advance!

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      It's looking pretty good.
      I've noticed a few things though:

      1. You are using a very technical language. Is your target audience prepared to easily understand it?
        Remember that you want to get your message across frictionless.

      2. Too many features on one page. No one wants to read that much info. Select the three main features that make your product the best one in the market for your target's needs and expand those ideas. Then you can put a button with the CTA: "Explore all features", and on that page, you go through all of them.

      Bonus: Talk about features as benefits. Features are elements. Benefits are value.

      1. Call to Action: The Call to Action needs to be in an imperative voice. If you want people to subscribe for early access, that button should say: "Get Early Access" or something along those lines.

      The same applies to the button "Coming Soon". What happens if I click there? It is a weird Call to Action. It doesn't make sense.

      1. Hero Image: The hero image needs to be a very descriptive image, gif or video of what your product or service does. Don’t just put a nice image because it’s nice. Try to also add information and value there.

      In terms of bugs and speed optimization, you are looking super good!
      95/100 on mobile and 100/100 on desktop? That's nuts!


      Let me know how this goes!

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot!

        This product is meant for engineers starting a greenfield SaaS project either for themselves or as an agency. Most of these folks end up choosing Heroku because of the ease, but miss out on the power of AWS. This product is meant to encapsulate best practices and get founders up and running quickly on AWS.

        The coming soon button will be replaced with Access Now by the end of the week.

        The Hero image will also be replaced with a demo gif.

        Point 2 gave me something chew on. Thanks!

        Appreciate your input here!

        1. 2

          So your tone is perfect for your target audience.

          In that case, when talking about the features, first I'd put what the benefit of that feature is, and then describe it super techy so the target trusts the benefit.

          I'm happy to know that most of my tips were something you already were thinking about.

          Your product looks awesome. Keep at it!

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