Landing Page Feedback April 26, 2020

Giving performance tips on your landing (After seeing hundreds in action!).

Gonzalo Mordecki @gonzamordecki14


I'm Gonzalo Mordecki, and with my cousin and his friend we made - a tool to boost conversion rate on landing pages without doing manual work.

We've been around since last year, and I have already seen maybe +1000 diferent landing pages (looking for clients, getting tips on landing page optimization, and people who have used the tool). A lot of them were astonishingly effective.

I would gladly share my knowledge and opinion with everyone who leaves their landing page on the comments.

If you need to clarify the goal on your landing, then there's probably already a mistake! Just tell me HOW you want people to feel about your tool in those first 6 - 10 seconds. 🤯


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    Remote Leaf - Would like to get your feedback on my landing page!

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      The idea is great. There is a lot of competition.

      Maybe change "If there are remote jobs in tech, we will find them" to "If there is a remote job in tech, it's here".

      I think the most hard thing of your site is that you can't check any jobs without putting your card, where there are hundreds of them online.

      Maybe is a little bit harsh, but is key to find customers.

      Let me now if you want any more feedback, the landing is great in general and transmits the purpose.

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        I agree with @gonzamordecki14 - Maybe change "If there are remote jobs in tech, we will find them" to "If there is a remote job in tech, it's here".

        Moving forward, have you considered adding a live demo to your lander? Offer the visitor a taste of the value you provide. An animation or video would do almost the same thing and be easier to implement.

        This is a great concept.

        At Coderbyte, we work with a ton of developers looking to prep for software engineering interviews.

        Happy to be a resource!

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    Hi Gonzalo!
    Nice work there! As a marketer I really see the potential of a tool like this. I am currently working on this landing page
    How ABTesting could help me?


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      Hey Diego,

      It's a compelling landing page, although it has a lot of content and designs. Not all of it seems needed at first sight.

      The colors are a little bit "untraditional" - and not the best in a convertion rate talk. You could try some variations on the CTA's. There is some modern and nice contrast on the first and main call to action, but as you go down on the site, all the CTA's blend with the background.

      When you click on a client, it goes back to your own landing (you could be losing some leads for that), it should go to the website of your client!

      The animations and explanations are great,

      Good luck!

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      I'm going to give you only one tip that is essensial to move on.

      It's not completly clear the advantage of using your product at first sight. You should ad a GIF or think of something smarter. What is the difference to make a "status" channel for each member of the team?

      Hope to hear from you to keep talking!


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    I am really curious to know your opinion about our landing page:

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      First, it loads fairly fast on desktop and 4G for having such a big image at the background.

      I belive that the main problem is there is no copy or call to action bellow the "Eat | Drink | Sleep | with-∆-view". Without any further investigation, it can be the landing page either of a "good habits" app/site rather than a travel focused one.

      The concept is really cachty and all the visuals make sense with the idea.

      Let me know if you have any more doubts!

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        Thanks for your quick response @gonzamordecki14
        Good feedback on the missing CTA above the fold area.

        What do you think, who is the audience of this product/idea?

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          I belive you are going to try to monetize with bars and that kind of places - in order to do that, you need a big community of loyal followers.

          It's rather difficult to focus on the whole world from day one with a product like yours. I belive the audience is young adults, but maybe in europe at first? I saw you are from Germany. (I'm not a 100% if this was your question)

          You should do some hardwork in order to rank on google with the keyword "with a view" or synonyms - you will have a more accurate information about who is interested.

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            Thanks for your comment. I haven't decided on a monetization model as of yet, as you said it correctly that the basis is to reach an engaging user base. You are also right about Google being the long term acquisition channel.

            Why do you think the audience is only young adults?
            Isn't this something more for people, who can spend a bit more on having the luxury of staying in a hotel room with a view or having an expensive drink in a bar with an awesome view?

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              If feel people don't buy this kind of thing always in the first interaction, it's easier if they have a relationsion with your brand... young adults fit better on that description. You should segment you ads to high tier iphones to go for people with money.

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                  Let me know if you lauch on product hunt an app or something related and I will upvote! Will ask you for the same!

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                    Also subscribed to your upcoming PH project. Wish you all the best!

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                      The same for you.

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                    Cool. Would be great if you could subscribe for the early access here:

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    Hey Gonzalo,

    Thanks for the the time and effort to answer the questions!

    Our landing is:

    Any advice would be highly apriciated!


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      I really like that is different, sharp and clever.

      I belive the copy can be clearer, in my expirience, as compelling and direct, better. Maybe you should ad the word "website" insted of "site". That broads the audience that can understand it

      The top right menu works nice, but It's hard to find on desktop.

      The "Choose a starting point" text on the Call to Action can be improve, It's not clear what is a "Starting point" on your tool if you know nothing about it!

      Let me know if you have any more questions,


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          Yes, you are right @storycreator

          I didn't know, but I've checked and we are running a/b test on landings made with it.

          Maybe he is a fan?

          Or my competitors wanna waste my time!?
          No haha, I'm not sure :)

          Thanks for the comment

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        Thank you for the advice!

        I will try to make some changea and tell you how it goes.

        Keep it safe!

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    Hi Gonzalo,
    I just launched , love to hear your thoughts.
    Thanks for doing this!

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    This is one of the themes I will sell in my business that I will launch soon called

    A theme (I haven't added the "content page yet")

    Thanks so much! 🙏

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      Hey man!

      Loved the idea. My bigest concern is the fact that is not clear what those themes are, if they are html, css and javascript, or for Wordpress. Whenever I read "Theme" I think in Wordpress.

      Let me know about that and I will add some more comments.

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        Oh sorry about that! I am mainly going to sell HTML/CSS themes. I'll think about the Wordpress route though. I guess it is pretty popular.

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          20 - 25 % of website are supported on wordpress :)

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            Okay. Well since that is important, I guess I'll have to work on some Wordpress themes. 👍

            Do you have advice for me about the design and layout? Thank you. 🙏

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              I honestly realli like it.

              I belive you should have a space to showcase your designs. What are your thoughts on that?

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                Thanks 🙏! I have spent lots of time on documentation and the design. I'm glad you like it! 😄

                This is a theme however so I will not be showing the themes I am selling. The themes I will sell that are on display will just have that default "Hi, I'm John Doe" type of feel.

                For showing designs:

                I will also try to implement email marketing to get buyers.

                Thanks for all the feedback you gave me and I will work on the Wordpress theme 😉👍.

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                  I followed your product!

                  Can I send you an email when we launch in product hunt to get your upvote? You have to launch there also!


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                    Ok I will! Thanks so much!!! 👍😄🙏

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    Thanks, Gonzalo! Would love your feedback on

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      Hey man!

      Great product! First, if those Universities use your product, make it clearer: "Universities that trust owlstown". I think It's a great line that you could add to improve trust in the product.

      Second, I'm not sure about your copy:

      "There are many website builders, but only Owlstown is designed for academics like you. Create an academic website and keep it updated quickly and easily."

      I would make it a lot simplier:

      Designed for academics ("¿professor / teachers?") like you.
      Build your academic website and keep it uptated easily.

      I belive this copy is clearer and creates more impact. Let me know what you think.

      Also, I belive you could make the pricing page a little more organized and easier to read. Maybe a yellow line between offers?

      Your landing is a great case for our tool, I would love to have you aboard without any costs. It's, so please let me know what you think. I would gladly help you with the implementation :)

      1. 1

        Thank you so much for taking a look at my home page. I’ll take your advice to make the copy simpler and more clear. I’ll also clean up the pricing page.

        1. 1

          You're welcome! I really liked your project.

          Are you planning on posting it on product hunt?

          1. 1

            Thanks for the kind words about Owlstown!

            You know, I haven’t even considered ProductHunt. I don’t know the first thing about publicizing there. Any pointers?

            Also, I’m not sure if it’s the right audience. Owlstown is quite niche with a focus on academics.

            1. 1

              Yes, it's true, your audience is not there, but you will probably gain some visitors and people tend to cheer about cool products like yours.

              I belive that if you give an honest presentation about yourself, the product and why you did it, it can be very valuable in your proccess.

              Make sure to notify me if you do it so I upvote it! Can I notify you when we do to get your support? Thanks!

              1. 1

                I appreciate the encouragement!

                Let me know when you're on Product Hunt and I'll upvote you.

                1. 1

                  Thank you so much!

                  I will do it.

                  Best of luck!

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    I want people to feel like - wow, this is the future! better jump on this train

    1. 2

      Running a shop or supermarket and care about your buyers? Should be "Running a shop or supermarket and care about your customers?"

      It's a simple landing, but I can belive you can try with a different version of blue, to something more positive. It's kind of soft for what you are trying to sell!

      Where do users get the new offers?

      1. 1

        Thanks for the color hint.
        End users get the offers on the mobile app. Maybe that part is not clear enough?

        1. 2

          At least I didn't getting at first!

          You have a new idea, I think it would impress people if it's presented in a clear way.

          Keep me notify about your stuff and if you launch in product hunt!

          1. 1

            If you still like the idea, there is now a newsletter signup form on the page, we didn't have it back in the time. This way you'll get updated about further actions


          2. 1

            Thanks for your input. Will let you know when something bigger happens.
            Here's the IH product page in case you want to follow it

            1. 1

              I did!

              I would like to notify you when we launch in product hunt to get your upvote. It's that okay?


                1. 1


                  BTW: I'm a big fan of Dzeko!

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    Hey, nice idea. If it's free, I'll take it :P

    I'd love some feedback on my SaaS landing page, SpeedFactor -

    1. 2


      It's free :)

      I liked the landing, but it has the same problem as you scroll. It has way to much text. More people are not reading half of it. You should delete everything tan is not essential.

      "Speed is not just important for ranking in Google but also important for your website visitors and for your conversion metrics" You shouldn't repeat important two times in the same sentence. Maybe something like "Speed is not just important to rank on Google - it makes the expirience of users unique". Or something like that.

      Let me know what you think!

      1. 1

        I agree with you and I always need a fresh pair of eyes. I do need to reduce the amount of text and I agree that "important" could only go once.


        1. 1

          Keep it up mate!

          Please hit me up when you launch in product hunt. I will do the same!

            1. 2

              Oh! I just upvoted it!

              Can I notify you when we lauch?

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    Thanks for this, @gonzamordecki14! I took one look at your landing page, and am signing up the minute I finish this comment.

    Would love your feedback on :D

    What I want people to feel is "this is going to save me LOADS of time!"

    1. 2

      We already talked so I'm leaving a emoji 😎

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    Gonzalo, I signed up recently, and gotta say, you guys have amazing design, both visually and an onboarding-level.

    Was really impressed by the real-time button color changes. Would be curious to see how you guys are accomplishing that, as it looks like you're generating images on the fly. Do you take headless browser snapshots and persistently store these, then target the DOM to take image snapshot when necessary?

    We're thinking about A/B testing, but don't know where to start. Should we be changing just the headline? The button color? How do we know which one is the better-performing if there were two changed variables?

    1. 1


      Thank you for the love! About the programming stuff, I have to ask to the main dev and get back to you.

      You could start with one new headline, one new copy and one new button. The tool automaticlly makes combinations and define variants that you can see in the preview at the end of the wizard, before implementing the tool on your landing. Our dashboard will show you each variant conversion rate :)

      I don't know how your landing page is, if you write an email to [email protected] I could give you more personalized advice :)

      Hope to hear from you!


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    Hey Gonzalo! I'm working on this app. Not sure which concept/name will work better. What do you think? Thanks a lot!

    1. 1

      First and foremost: don't forget to add the https:// when you launch. It's free!

      Awesome product. I use an addon on chrome called "Webtime Tracker" but yours sime better.

      For me, keepuppy is read kee - puppy not keep - uppy. I like concrate names, time mute is going to make me rember the name and the product. I will go with that one.

      I reeeeeally like the landing, I belive is there to start testing and monitoring your conversion rate. Although, maybe an image related to the puprose of the product and not the drawing may get more atention and conversions.

      You should focus on security and privacy. Where is my data going? I want it to be only in my computer. It's that possible?

      Let me know what you think!


      1. 1

        Great feedback,@gonzamordecki14! I really appreciate the time you took to do this. I'll get hands-on on those suggestions. Cheers!

        1. 1

          It was a pleasure! Good luck!

          Are you planning to launch on product hunt on the future? We are planning up our launch and seeking for friends to help us that day!

          1. 1

            Yeah, that's the plan once the product is ready, hopefully only a couple of weeks left, once I can finally decide which name to end up with :)

            BTW, I just had a look and looks awesome! Keep me updated on your PR launch!

            1. 1


              Please send me an email to [email protected], that way we can stay in touch for our PH launch!

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    Hi @gonzamordecki14, thank you for your effort!

    There is my product landing page:

    Wish you best!

    1. 1


      Nice concept and idea.

      How is it working? It must be a nice tool to find useful insights.

      The first change I would make:

      From "Voxes helps you manage feedback and share product development" to "Manage feedback and share product development". It's not about "helping" is about making it happen! So your tool and your landing should feel responsable for that.

      What are mongoDB, easyFit and Y start up school? Clients? I know them, but not everyone around the world does!

      The cookies pop up mixed with the main design, and that wasn't ideal. It caugh my atention at first and took a couple of seconds to understand it.

      Let me know if you have more doubts!

  14. 1

    Hey Gonzalo,
    we would really appreciated any feedback or recommendations that you have about our landing page and our social media in general !

    Thank you

    1. 2

      Nice concept and clean design! But with all honestly, I had a hard time figuring out what the product is. I landed and read "Your opinion matters. Say goodbye to central moderation..." read the whole paragraph, clicked on next, but still not sure what it was. Those sounded like the benefits of your product, but nothing described what it is.

      Maybe have a big heading at the top describing what your product is?

      1. 2

        I have to go with @typologist here!!

        add your social media and I will give more feedback

      2. 1

        Hey my friend ,
        Thank you for your valuable feedback and the time you spent I really appreciated.
        Yes those statements in the landing page are some of the benefits of our site, I think we will consider putting a heading describing the nature of our site.

        Thank you again for the feedback!

        P.S Also If you have more recommendations please feel free to message me or reply here :)

        1. 1

          Tell me more about the product. How much have you been online? How it is doing?

  15. 1 Thanks!

    The goal is for people to look at their calendar as a better, natural way of organizing their work rather than other tools.

    1. 1


      I really liked your work! It's a very competitive field. Your value proposition should be on your copy and in your title. What makes you different?

      I really belive you should start getting traffic and do some A/B testing on different copy and title, because people is already familiar with the concept, and the lading seems ready to go to work. you will make a difference in the special features of your tool.

      "Everything You Need For Meetings" or "A Powerful Calendar for Team Leaders" as a main title? I liked the second one!

      Your social buttons are not working in the footer (the designs).

        1. 1

          You re welcome!

          Are you planning on launching in product hunt?

          1. 1

            I launched on PH a while ago. I am planning another 2 PH launches later this year. Why do you ask?

            1. 1

              We are on the same boat!

              Please leave me your email so I notify you about my launch, and I will upvote if you notify me at [email protected] :)

  16. 1 - Want to capture digital nomads interested in real estate, remote landlords, airbnb hosts, and those in real estate who also have the travel bug.

    1. 1

      You should try our tool ( It's perfect for your project. You should start new test every time you can. You probably don't have enough traffic, but keep it in mind.

      Your landing meets is simple but it get the job done. You should try diferent combination of buttons, title and copy and get the best one. Just never leave it the same way, because you might be losing hundreds of suscribers because of that.

  17. 1

    Hey Gonzalo,

    Would love you to take a look

    MentorCruise -

    1. 1

      Hey man,

      You product and idea is awesome, I wanted to changed my career path the moment I saw it haha!

      I honestly belive everything makes sense, maybe there is too much information, but we should start talking about your conversion rate, because if it's working, I wouldn't delete anything.

      You clearly have a developed product, feel free to contact me at [email protected] and may be I can help you more with more information. I have some ideas that could be useful :)

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    Hi there,

    Amazing, looking forward to hearing what you think of this one:

    1. 1

      Hey man!

      First, you should add a newsletter subscription form somewhere on the top or right of the site. Not only on the bottom!

      Second, I don't belive those are the easiest colors to read. People go there to read, and I don't feel that's a good combination of colors. You should go to and find a pallete that works best.

      Marketingwise, go find slack channels and drive yourself crazy there :)

      1. 1

        Wow thank you so much, added to the todo list for this weekend!

        1. 1

          Don't worry!

          Did you launch on product hunt yet?

          1. 1

            Hey yes and some other less know product hunt like sites, but it gives you mainly a one day boost
            I keep updating, but doesn't bring much I think?

            1. 1

              Well, a One Day Boost for you should get you some traction each time.

              Can I send you an email to notify about our product hunt launch?

  19. 1

    LindyFeed -
    I hope we give you the right feeling!

    1. 2

      Sorry it took me a while, I had a lot of landings to check!

      I liked your idea.

      If feel your copy is way to long, you have a powerful idea that you should be able to transmit in one powerful line. Who are missing a "," between podcast and episodes.

      You must read it in a second a find it compelling and insteresting.

      "Discover curated resources - books, videos, podcast episodes, articles, etc - and the relevant creators on the topics you are interested in. See the resource recommendations from your favorite people. Keep track of your favorite resources. All in one place."

      Maybe something like:

      "Follow your favorite topics. Keep track of everything on your area. All in one place"

      People should be like "hm?" and check the rest of the web out. Having a greater impact usally leads to more conversions.

      I really recomend a "features" section above the sing up button.

      This is my personal feeling, I want to know what you think, and how are you doing.

      Sorry if I was a little bit harsh.


      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

        " missing a "," between podcast and episodes.":
        I was explicitly trying to mention the discovery of podcast episodes, but I think "episodes" may be unnecessary here.

        I totally agree with making the tagline better, and thanks for your suggestion! I liked it and I'll work on improving it.

        I will definitely consider adding a "features" page. Maybe I can replace the "Feed" page where I explain how the feed works with a more general features/benefits page.

        Thanks for all your suggestions.

        1. 1

          Oh! Haha. Funny thing my confussion about podcast and podcast episodes.

          In my expirience, features help people quickly understand what's happening.

          Did you launch in product hunt yet?

          1. 1

            But still, episodes may be unnecessary :)
            I'm planning to launch in the upcoming days.

            1. 1

              Oh! Thats great. Let me know at [email protected] and I will upvote!

              I will ask you the same when we launch. Is that ok?


  20. 1

    Hello, would love to get your take on my website:

    1. 1

      Hey man!

      Your area is competitive at it gets. I would hardy recommend having your main advantage below the headline.

      That's the biggest chance you have! To make a difference in such a competitive space.

      I belive you could find a niche and work for it!

  21. 1

    Hey Gonzalo I am working on the redesign of
    Here it 8s.

    Thank you for doing this !

    1. 1

      Sorry it took me a while, I had a lot of landings to check!

      I really liked the desing, as it should be, considering what your offer is.

      I belive you could be more energetic and clearer about your offer on the title. And please have the subscription box at the top! Don't let it be only at the bottom. You will have hundreds of more suscribers if they don't have to reach the fotter to subscribe, specially on mobile!

      1. 1

        I am thankful you are helping me out, no need to say sorry man.

        Thank you.

        I am having the subscription on the sidebar too...I was thinking I was already asking too much, but it made move it up a little bit, just right before the stories from the newsletter.

        Will have a look on the title deffinately.

        Thanks a lot !

        1. 1

          If your offer is great in the newsletter, it's not necessary asking for too much! You should provide real value on your emails and offer them as tempting as posible.

          Did you launch on product hunt? are you planning to?

          1. 1

            Well, I use to teach on the newsletter how to use colour through design systems and it was 15 subscriber daily.

            Now I am starting a new series,

            The subscribe rate is fine, but as 15 daily.

            Here is the launches.

            1. 2


              I suscribed and upvoted your product. Almost 400! That's awesome.

              Can I notify you the day we launch?

              Thank you!

              1. 2

                Oh how nice !
                Thank for you doing that, really kind.

                Absolutely let me know !

                1. 1


                  Vi que hablás español! Yo soy de Uruguay.

                  Un abrazo! Te aviso del launch y cualquier cosa avisame tu.

                  1. 1

                    Claro soy español, de Bilbao !

                    Claro a avísame.
                    Por cierto la página esta increíble !

                    1. 1


                      Nos encantaría que la pruebes! No tiene ningún costo en estos momentos, y quedo atento si necesitas ayuda. Me podés escribir a [email protected]


  22. 1

    I appreciate you taking your time to give feedback for free -

    1. 1


      Sorry for taking some time to do yours! I've had a lot to check out.

      I loved your idea! How are you doing?

      In general terms, I feel you are going with the violet and emoji, and that's a smart strategy if you make the brand around go with that. Your landing seems energetic, and I like the consistency in buttons and texts.

      I belive your copy is way to long:

      We connect skilled and experienced marketing consultants with companies who want access to flexible and on-demand talent to solve their critical marketing bottlenecks.

      I made it shorter, so more people actually read it:

      "We connect top end marketing consultants with companies who need access to on-demand talent to solve their critical marketing bottlenecks."

      This is my personal feeling, because I strongly feel no one is reading 4 lines.

      With texts that long on the buttons, you would sure benefit from doing some a/b testing and finding out which combination works best. You could try out our tool ( and we will give you some personalized insights :)

      Sorry if I was a little bit harsh :)


  23. 1

    Thank you for your time and effort!

    Main goal: Make people understand what it is and for which usecases it can be valuable. So that they download the app and try it, if it's relevant for them.

    I have to make it more clear that the app is a tool to set repeating reminders to stay in touch with people and not a social network. As well as other things.

    1. 2


      I like the idea! How are you planning to monetize?

      First, you should center the title and the copy on mobile!

      I belive the biggest challenge is to get the right text. Because once visitors get to the site, they need to understand exactly what it does. If they do and like it, their are going to pass it to friends. If not, it becomes very hard to grow.

      You will need to gain more old fashioned marketing and advertisment insights like: "people don't check on their grandparents as much as their would want to" or "best friends from high school always talk about meeting but never end up doing it". Those kind of insights will allow you to develop great ads or texts on your landing.

      Don't go with "More screenshots" go with "More features"

      I think it serves it pourpose, you will have big challenges on social!

      1. 1

        How are you planning to monetize?

        I still have to experiment with pricing, but currently there's premium subscriptions so it's freemium. I might end up with subscription plus a lifetime purchase.

        100 % agree on the big challenge. I am trying to figure this out.

        Thanks for the tips and advice!

        1. 2

          Hey! Good luck.

          Just let me know if you launch on product hunt upvote. Going to do the same with you!

  24. 1

    👋 Gonzalo,

    Thanks for your help!

    Here is our landing:

    How could I improve conversion rate? I'm eager to hear your thoughts! 🔥

    1. 1


      The landing is very professional and clean.

      For me, the first thing that make noise is the line with "DigitalOcean, Intercome..." Do these companies use your product or did you featured in their blogs? (I understand that if you know these companies the answer can be more obvious) but something that is meant to give social proof just might end up working otherwise.

      In my personal opinion, people have to be very confident about the product to "request access", it's not a really the most appealing action to do. I'm sure you will get more leads if there is a easier way to see the product, with out requesting it.

      How could I improve conversion rate? I'm eager to hear your thoughts! 🔥
      I would love if you give a chance!

      1. 1

        Thanks for your precious feedback @gonzamordecki14 🙏

        Will give a shot to as soon as I'm ready to do some A/B tests!

        1. 1

          That's great!

          How is your product doing? Are you planning on launching in product hunt?

          1. 1

            Yes but we are waiting to be in public beta to launch on PH.

            In May or June worst case scenario :)

            1. 2

              Okay! Let me know so I upvote!

              I will do the same :)

  25. 1

    Hi there!
    Any thoughts on ? Only desktop version is available for now, but I'll soon have it done too

    1. 1

      I really like it, it shows a lot of hard work!

      You understand the purpose of the product.

      On the other hand, I'm not sure if everyone will understand if this product works for them. For example, I'm a marketer that knows some HTML, CSS and JS. Will I be able to use it? Do I need to code to use it? Or I can connect it directly to wordpress? How do I implement it?

      That is the thing to improve, you might lose convertions because of the feeling of uncertainty of the user.

      PS: Loved the violet on the buttons, you could try other colors and see some unexpected results :)

      1. 1

        Thanks for your feedback! :)

        I'll write down your notes, indeed, maybe unclear for users. But yeah, basically it does not require any integration, you'll have to just type your site's url and that's it

        1. 1

          Man! That's gold! You should have a live test!

          Like: introduce a url and check everything. A little pop up could came out and show you everything is working fine - like magic. Best of luck!

          And don't hesitate on trying and asking me for advice if you need any opinions in improving conversion rate :)

  26. 1

    Hello Gonzalo,

    Would love to hear your advice for:

    Thank you!

    1. 1

      I belive your landing is in great shape to start getting traffic and checking conversion rate. As your product is simple and straightforward, and landing goes in the same way, I don't belive there are many opinions to give UNTIL you start getting data about your conversion rate.

      I have some doubts about the main title but I can't think of something better of the top of my head. Please add the info about "free plan allows 50 documents per month" at the top! I've seen improvemnts from that kind of phrases.


      On other topic: I belive, if you want to get some traffic, you product is ideal for a worldwide google ads search camping with a max 0.05 or 0.03 CPC. It's the cheapest way to start getting insights, and if you get it down to 0.01 you can get 100 clicks per dollar. I'm not sure about how many searches to your topic there are, but I have the feeling is a great way to start.

      1. 1

        Hello Gonzalo,

        Thank you for taking the time to give me some feedback and advice. Very much appreciated. I will investiage the PPC and see what happens. Not sure where I can find such a low CPC these days!?

        Your product looks great, I wish you the best of luck with it.

        1. 1

          Hey @dshannon!

          You are welcome!

          You can launch a worldwide campaing on Google Ads (on search) and you might be able to gain low quality clicks for 0.05 or something like that. You should have something like installed on your site and start monitor each user, and start gaining valueable insights for a low price.

          I saw that you launched on Product Hunt, how did it go? Can you leave me your email so I notify you when we launch?


  27. 1

    What do you feel when you see this I want radical candor.

    After you check it out, here is what I am trying to invoke.

    Serious but not too serious. Clean and modern. I want you to feel like this tool will be your ally in the crazy world of the internet. I want you to feel like you are driving a Tesla when using it. I want you to feel smarter.

    1. 1


      Without a doubt the landing looks professional and something worth paying for.

      First: you could try to see if this copy converts more that what you have now: "I want you to feel like this tool will be your ally in the crazy world of the internet." - It's great haha!

      I liked the big title, it sets the tone and makes you understand about the product. Clear and sharp.

      Turn your podcasts into beautiful videos - This narrows the product in the mind of the potential client: "I don't have a podcast, this is not going to be for me". If you want to focus only on podcasters (that's a valid strategy) make it the main title.

      I belive a different call to action on the world "demo" would get you more clicks. Sometimes "demo" is like "request a demo" and bla bla bla. With that magic button you are already making something, and I belive that's great. I'm not sure what, but you can test something different.

      And the big one: You can try a different color every "try for free". Something with more contrast may surprise you. I've seen some crazy improvments in conversion rate only with that change.

      Feel free to answer,


  28. 1

    Hey Gonzalo, thanks for doing this.

    My landing page is The feeling I want people to have is "I've been wasting to much time, why am I not using this yet?"

    1. 2


      It think you have a nice landing page there - related to the feeling. The main gif takes all the credit!

      In the main title, I belive the couloring should be around: the logo "Polypane" at the top is painted with the scale of blue and green, the title "Sick of resizing devtools all day" should be black and "See your page at all responsive sizes" should be on colors. Thats the killer line!

      On the other hand, there is one thing for sure: you don't need a second copy below the first title, it makes everything more fuzzy. "Polypane cares as much as you do about making your site responsive, fast and accessible. It has the tools to help you with all of this. Sound good?" It does sound good, but it doesn't seems necessary. (You don't have it on your mobile version). I'm not so sure about the "for web developers and designers" neither. The less the better.

      You don't need some many testimonials, I belive 6 would be perfect, it makes it too long on mobile.

      On mobile, "by using our site you agree to our privacy policy and disclaimer" the "x" to close is to small. I touched "privacy policiy" link by accident and that can led to a lost conversion.

      I don't know about your conversion rate, and if you are happy with it, but I belive you succed at delivering the general message.

      Let me know if you have any more doubts,


      1. 1

        Thanks you, this is super actionable advice!

        1. 1

          You are welcome!

          I loved the fact that you took my advice and made some changes!

          Did you launch on product hunt yet?

          1. 1

            It's always good to get an outside perspective! I launched on PH last year, but am planning to relaunch with an upcoming version.

            1. 1

              That's awesome! How did it go?

              It's okay if I sent you an email when we launch to get your upvote? I will do the same with you if you write me to [email protected] !

  29. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

  30. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

  31. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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