Ideas and Validation September 26, 2020

Goalio - Complete your goal, get a reward.

Emily @Emveras

Hi Indiehackers!

I have been participating in the #T30 challenge that Makerpad is having, and my project is

Goalio is a personalized motivational platform that helps you complete your goals by helping you track them monthly, receive a goal-related reward each month, and have a supportive, like-minded community. Rewards are personalized based on the category; for example, for fitness - you might get a workout shirt or motivational hoodie.

The idea came to me when I remembered how I used to motivate myself everyday to workout. I would go to the gym, and after I finished, I would get something reasonably priced like lipstick or workout clothes. It became an everyday habit, and while it motivated me, it was also expensive!

I just wanted to share with the community and see if anyone had feedback or thoughts!

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    love your website!

    1. 1

      Thank you!

      Do you have any thoughts or feedback that you would like to share?

      1. 2

        yeah I can share a few that come to mind:

        • Ready to commit to your goals? >> I'd make this one more specific, what are the implications of this?
        • how it works: I'd make the illustrations different for step 1 2 & 3 to show that there's a progression
        • Set your own goal related to life, career or fitness and choose a Goalio partner that will make sure you to keep you accountable >> looks like you have a typo here (make sure you to keep)

        overall feedback on your offer, I think I like the idea but I'd want something more than just saying "I'm committing to this" and then tell a platform or a Goalio member that I reached it, some sort of public "I'm claiming this, make me accountable", maybe in the form of a LinkedIn post or a filter I can add on my picture to tell the world what I'm working on

        lastly, I know there's a lot that needs to happen before that, but if you end up expanding to France, you might need to rebrand :D

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          Thank you so much for your feedback! It was super helpful and I have been working on a strategy to tackle it!

          Haha what does the name mean in France?! I googled but didn't find an answer!

          1. 1

            @Emveras it's a bad work to talk about somewhere mentally challenged

            1. 1

              Agh definitely would have to rebrand! Thanks for the insight!

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    I find the text on the header hard to read due to low contrast.

    I also think you're asking too much to sign up.

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      Thanks for the feedback! I have been playing a bit with the colors and will look into the contrast issue. I have been playing around with figuring out pricing, for this service - what would you personally pay or expect to pay?

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