Going at it again. Feedback appreciated.

Closed my 2 years old business last week due to Covid19. Feeling lost and down but decide to pick myself up this week.

I love to scour the web for questions from businesses and learn what everyone is facing. There's so much to learn and you don't have time to learn everything is what I felt when I was managing my business.

I've been writing a 5 minutes summary of questions asked and answers given on a wide range of business topics relating to legal, finance, sales and growth etc.

Would this be a newsletter that you would sign up?


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    Just my own opinion, but this landing page is pretty empty. I don't know who you are, what you've achieved, what's the goal of this Newsletter etc ...
    Maybe you could improve it :) !


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      I agree with this. If you're claiming to be able to help founders then founders need to know why they should listen to you.

      So if I was to say to you

      "Why should I take your advice?"

      What would you say to me?

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      Hey thanks for taking the time out to advise me!

      What would you think would be a great addition to the current landing page to entice readers?

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        Well, I'd love to know about yourself in the Landing Page! Who you are, what's your expertise, and most important why people should follow your newsletter.

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        Designwise, there's a big margin between your signup form and end of page. You can either remove it or use that space for some reinforcing content such as example of past content(this might be necessary for you for validation purposes), introduce yourself, testimonials from existing readers, necessity to stay up-to-date on this topic to justify your daily newsletter frequency and things of such nature.

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    I love the 5 min question-answer idea. Entrepreneurs, especially those who are at the bootstrapping stage do look for others to bounce ideas or get options.

    I am not sure whether it just me, but I will prefer a 15min group roundtable format, then a solo session. Many times I have discovered a new perspective to look at a problem, by observing others' questions. A group will be ROI for me. But, it will be helpful only when it is a small closed group. You might consider having 3-4 participants per call.

    Sorry for the plug, but if you need any help with setting up an online class, let me know. I am building a platform for live wellness/fitness classes, I can quickly tweak it to make things work for you.

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    Yes - if it was specific to me and added value to me. I'm sure once you target it to your audience then you'll be able to get some traction.

    Right now when I read the title " Helping founders gain knowledge ever[y]day." my thought went instantly to other sites that I currently get [ Help for founders seeking knowledge everyday].

    Example: Bloomberg or HBR

    If you said, for example "Helping Cellphone Tech founders gain knowledge everyday." and I was a Cell phone startup then YES, I would have signed up in a second.

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    I am sure you have some awesome ideas to put forward, maybe create an interesting community out of it. The landing page does not have enough for anyone to know what they are stepping into.

    Try adding a story format I suggest, even better if something visual or good old fashioned a clear objective as to what would if someone signed up or why should someone sign up

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      Thank you very much for taking the time out to offer me your suggestions.

      In regards to the topics I’m covering, would it be something that interest you to sign up or do you have something else in mind?

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        tech and marketing will definitely interest me

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    You asked about what additions would improve the landing page.

    Before signing up for a newsletter, I will always try to find the latest edition and give it a test read.

    For example, I can read Morning Brew's latest edition here: https://www.morningbrew.com/daily/latest

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      That’s a good suggestion! Thanks.

      In regards to the topics I’m covering, would it be something that interest you to sign up or do you have something else in mind?

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        Before seeing an example, I couldn't tell you. I don't really understand what Q&A means. Are they curated questions and answers coming from Quora, Twitter, Reddit, IH, that kind of stuff?

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          Yes. Mostly popular questions asked by a founder in a forum, and I would curate the answers given in the discussion itself and also from other sources like articles.

          Eg: how can I ensure I do not infringe someone else’s IP when private labelling a product I’ve found online?

          And all the answers compiled from various sources related to the question in a quick TLDR format.

          What do you think?

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