Going from 0 to $20k revenue in 3 months- a detailed study of Newsletter OS by Janel

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    I really appreciate the time you took to complete this write up and research. I’m seriously floored! ❤️

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      I've learnt immensely from this research as well! I'm new to this build in public community- do you have any tips on who is someone whom I should research on next? Thank you! ☺️

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    Thanks a lot for sharing this issue @pohjie! I particularly loved the way you broke down every tweet and explained what was happening in the background. Nicely done!

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      Thank you @siddhitaupare! Please share it with anyone whom you think will be interested!

      2 quick questions:

      1. Is there anyone else you'll like me to feature?
      2. What else can I do to further add value to the posts?

      Thank you!

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    Nice job on putting this together. It is really well outlined. One suggestion: your headline talks about revenue, but you don't mention any revenue data in the content itself.

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      Thanks for your feedback! You're absolutely right, so I wrote up another article (see it as a part 2) that goes into her revenue data: https://theirtimeline.substack.com/p/going-from-0-to-20k-revenue-in-3-5bb

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    Great writeup! I really like the succinct writing style and the way that you've broken down the format / content of the tweets.

    I'd love the read your take on Jack Butcher's Visualise Value and Traf's iOS icons launch too.

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      Thanks for the suggestions! Added them to my To-do's list. :) I really like Visualise Value too, not sure if Jack has built in public but I'll look into it!

      Is there anything I can further value add to the articles?

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        Awesome! It’d be cool if you could include some background info about the creator too. None of these people are an overnight success and some of the tactics they use only work because they have an audience for example. So that extra context would be really helpful when evaluating whether a similar approach would work for others.

        @pohjie — just a heads up that I edited this

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          You're right! It's something I've to keep in mind while profiling these creators. I'm thinking how I can integrate this without the articles being overly complex (is just highlighting how they already have an audience sufficient?).

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            It'd always be interesting to hear what size their audience was then vs after they 'made it'. But also how long they were in business before they got traction, I think it took a while for Jack & Traf to get there. I see you mentioned that in today's email about Jack 🙌

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              Thanks for keeping up with the newsletter Alex! A small request from me- I've created a post on Indie Hackers for Visualize Value, do you mind commenting there instead? It'll help with the ranking algorithm here 😅, and more people can learn from the story!


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    This is amazing, @pohjie! Very valuable, please keep posting more of these.

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      Thanks for the support! Please feel free to let me know if there's anyone in particular you'll like me to cover as well. :)

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        Thanks, @pohjie ! How about Zoe Chew? She is building in public and doing some pretty interesting things.


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          Thanks for the introduction! I've checked out her website- very interesting! I'll look around her posts and see if there's any thread that I can weave!

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    This has inspired me / gave me the idea for my own first product. So grateful for this. Let's see if I'll beat my procrastination monkey this time! I'm positive :)

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    I love this write that you did. I have been watching the journey and I bought the product which has been helpful.

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