Going through YOUR products from Indie Hackers - design review

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    Thanks, lots of stuff to work on :-)

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      Enjoyed Reschedule a lot. The feedback is quite harsh I know but honest! Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense right

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        Don't think it was harsh, sugar coating anything helps nobody haha.

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        No worries, I thought it was quite useful. I had a suspicion that the messaging was a too abstract, hearing from someone else crystallizes it :-) I did have a few questions on the app. See my message to you on LinkedIn.

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    This is great! I'd love some feedback for https://wordblot.ai - it's an AI-powered long form writing assistant.

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      Cool! Happy to review it!

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    Very nice review format, thanks a lot for putting those together. Curious to hear your thoughts about my WebGL engine https://polygonjs.com (the home page is very much a work in progress, but the main app is more stable in terms of design)

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      Thanks for submitting it! Will be in the next one!

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    Hi @JohanCutych - we're building Organisely and would be more than happy to get your input on the current design, as we've just recently re-launched the landing page


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      Nice! Will do it in the next one!

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        Thank you so much! Look forward to it ;)

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    Hey IHackers! 👋

    So after few Dribbble design reviews, I decided to ask you to post your projects for a review.

    I walked through them from the designer's perspective and reviewed the product design. From landing pages to the product itself and more.

    I enjoyed this one so much so I will be happy to review some more! Submit yours in the comments!

    Here are the reviewed projects and their amazing creators

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    @JohanCutych Loved the video. Please review https://getunplugapp.com/
    Really need ome help. Thanks 🙏

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    Hi Jan,
    Would you review (desktop) apps as well, or just websites?

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        In this case, I'd deeply appreciate a review of this: https://cinematicstudio.app
        It's a video editor, built for speed + simplicity.

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    Hey @JohanCutych. It would mean the world if you took a look at ours https://helloscribe.ai

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    Hi Johan! I'd greatly appreciate it if you did a review for RecordJoy (www.recordjoy.com).

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    ooh wow! this is cool and helpful.

    is there anywhere where I can submit ours for review?

    A pro eye is better than mine.

    if not, here is the link.


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    I love this one! Much better than just browsing sexy Dribbble designs with no context or exploring the actual tool.

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      soo true. Sometimes Dribbble feels like a waste of time.

      That's why I go to onepagelove.com by @robhope

      It's real sites....

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        Cheers for this shout Michael - it actually means a lot as I've had this feeling for years but don't really talk about it online. Dribbble is incredible and it's wonderful to see how designers can reimagine stale site components but IMHO nothing beats browsing real references (that visitors are actually interacting with).

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          You are very welcome, Rob.

          I understand, sometimes is just to let it be. I like Dribbble too, in fact, I am guilty of posting there often, but I do not think it should be the first go-to source of inspiration.

          Exactly, there is the real value, interaction. They can even click and see how it would feel something like that for themselves...

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      This comment was deleted 19 days ago.

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