Good examples of app onboarding?

I am working on a mobile app that has some non-obvious features. Even though I am a big fan of design that explains itself, I think some features in my app might require some explanation.

What are some examples of great onboarding experiences?

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    I've recently been working on the onboarding flow for my startup a lot. By far the most valuable thing to do was set up 5-10 (at least) user tests and get them to onboard. Every single meeting, without fail, gave us a whole bunch of notes on what to bake into the onboarding flow and how to restructure our navigation.

    Everything else is just taking inspiration from other products with different goals. Some of it will be useful, but each user test will be 1000x more helpful.

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      Great point. Is there a specific service you used for user testing?

      I am still trying to figure out how to run a good user test. I have a few friends who are willing to try the prototype but am worried I'll get a lot of "polite" feedback, and not discover real issues that may exist.

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    I liked what Trello did back in the day with synthetic data from templates to show off their board. I tried copying but found that it doesn't work for a more innovative idea - they were able to do it because so many already knew what a Kanban board looked like.

    Currently we are working instead on an import feature - that way you see our non-obvious features through the lens of your existing data.

    If you explain more (or anything) about what you are working on then maybe there are better examples.

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      @arpit check out: https://growth.design/case-studies/trello-user-onboarding

      They have other good onboarding case studies too, check out the "Onboarding" section here: https://growth.design/case-studies

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        Thanks @stevenkkim, that's a fantastic resource!!!

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      Thank you for replying. I'll have to check how trello did on-boarding and see if there are ideas I can take from there.

      My app is a shopping list app that lets you then add "shelf life" to each item. This starts a local timer that will send you a notification when the item is about to expire.

      The whole process takes a 3-4 steps (add item → search for shelf life from database → add shelf life if we don't have it → start clock) I am trying to educate the customer on how to do it. I'll try to share a video soon to show the current experience.

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