GoodFeedback for your MVP's

Hi IndieHackers!

I am a visual product designer with 8+ years of experience, designing for B2B, B2C, and SaSS companies. After lurking for a while here, on Producthunt and Reddit - I saw the need to provide others with visual feedback, specifically personalized and actionable Good Feedback on their projects, MVPS, small business websites, etc.

I have been recruiting top visual and product designers in various industries to help others with auditing our user's websites and providing the feedback they think could make a difference.

Good Feedback is my MVP - and I am looking for feedback within my target regarding the structure, pricing, and offer.



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    That's cool, I am building the exact same thing!!

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    You mispelt receive at least twice: What can I recieve feedback on?

    I think the offer will be more attractive if people know who is going to give feedback: 'industry expert' is opaque, it could be someone on fiverr doing it $5... Otherwise, a free trial might help build trust.

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      Good spelling catch + thanks for the feedback!

      I have various sections where I explain what types of projects can receive feedback (MVP's, Landing Pages, Websites, Portfolios). I will try and make that more apparent in the hero section.

      I am also building out the section of industry experts where it will be more transparent. I will also be apart of the industry experts, and I will begin doing landing page reviews for the Indie Hacker community this week and will add it as a feature on the website.

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