Google Analytics Alternatives?

Looking to add analytics to my new project.

I would love to use a fellow creator's analytics product. Anybody with some great recommendations?

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      Would you consider adding https://pirsch.io/? I would really appreciate it :)

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    Big fan of Fathom (https://usefathom.com/). Love their simplistic approach, focus on privacy, and they are about to release their API.

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      Thank you so much for mentioning it 😊 This is a constantly growing list of privacy-friendly, more ethical, and independently built analytics services. The blog post also contains a link to an Airtable database which makes it super easy to scroll through all the individual listings.

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        Of course! Thank you for sharing so many privacy friendly tools

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    I'm the co-founder of Pirsch Analytics (https://pirsch.io/), which is a privacy-friendly, cookie-less web analytics SaaS. You can try it out for free for 30 days and it only costs $4/months for 10k page visits :)

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      Huge fan of the UI of your service, gorgeously dashboard, and great pricing!

      I have set up a list with privacy-friendly Google analytics alternatives, and Pirsch is of course part of it: https://creativerly.com/google-analytics-alternatives/ 😊👍️

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        Thank you so much for mentioning us, and I'm glad that you like it :)

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          Seems like you missed it Stefan, but FriednlyAnalytics is already part of the list. :)

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    I can recommend Plausible. Easy to use, privacy friendly, hosted in EU(somewhat better privacy laws than the US).

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    I'm using Umami, which is a self-hosted service, pretty easy to set-up but still requires some minimal tech skills.

    I'm using it on a Carrd site, hosted on Vercel (free) and on Supabase for the DB (also free).

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    I'm a big fan of SimpleAnalytics, similar to other services mentioned here, it's privacy focused.

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      I'm building Squeaky at the moment if you fancy trying it some time? It has some of the same core functionality as Simple Analytics, and also is privacy-focused by default. Early days but it's free and any/all feedback would be welcome 😇

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    For Slantt.co I've been using PanelBear which is privacy focussed and doesn't use cookies (so no cookie warning needed!). However for that reason it can't tell you what keywords were used in Google to find your site.

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    Fathom is for website analytics as is Nocodelytics for web flow websites. Plausible is also another analytics site.

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    You've probably got your answer already, but I believe goaccess (https://goaccess.io/) should be mentioned too. It's free and it has high (if not the highest) level of privacy, as it analyzes your web server logs.

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    Netlify Analytics is built into the platform, if you host there: https://www.netlify.com/products/analytics/

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    Hey, I was looking for better analytics myself some time ago. Long story short, SiteClue is launching next month! See more here: https://siteclue.app/

    Also, you can take a look at more alternatives here: https://privacyfocusedanalytics.info/

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    I'm building Squeaky and just started beta testing it, it has analytics similar to fathom but also includes screen recording...and heatmaps are coming soon 🚀

    It's also completely free for now! When we switch to paid plans we'll keep a free tier too 😀

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    Check out https://splitbee.io. It's indie made and has a free plan for low traffic projects.

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      I just started using Splitbee and very nice.

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    I recently discovered Clarity from Microsoft which is awesome.. and free! It provides heatmaps and recordings of user interactions...

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