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Google Drive Storage Management Tips (Day 288)

Calvin Pak @titans

Have you seen your Google Drive storage goes up the roof, yet you are only syncing a fraction of it with 100% sync selected?

Again, not the first time the Google UI gets confusing, intentionally or unintentionally. Here, intentionally I meant maybe it's by design so you end up paying more storage than you should

Look at my example (see banner image), before I checked today, I am warned that I'm using up >90% of my 200 GB subscription plan. My Google Drive has <50GB when all synced... where are those hidden GBs???

First you probably should check your Google Photos, where Google tries to make you auto-sync with all your devices.

The other hidden usage you can find is that if you install Backup & Sync to your laptop, Google will try to ask you to sync your Desktop, Downloads, Documents and Pictures folders automatically (on a Mac). You can find it all here:

There is a management tool that Google provides, which I didn't find the link until I read some help articles from a Google search! This page will show you the storage usage break down:

To manage it, go to this link:

In my own case, there are >100GB in the Trash and it is still counting against my quota! When I thought it's a matter of simply clicking "empty trash" and it should be done, Google this and you shall find that many other have encountered issues just like I did. The empty trash function doesn't work when you have a huge amount of files there!

I still haven't found a working solution that I'm able to empty all the contents in Trash. So I have to pay double the price for the Trash contents until Google fixes it! If you know how, please tell me in the comments!

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    The advantage of Google One is that you can delete 500 at a time and it is somewhat robust.

    Google Workspace has the same "buggy" behaviour with dirty or orphaned files but you have to load every file's name onto the screen to be able to select it with a checkmark. This is extremely tedious and there is a certain amount of latency to it which can drive you slightly mad. This is a problem begging for a solution from an indie hacker.

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      Turns out after a day the "empty trash" worked. Looks like it took some time for that to happen. Now I'm back to the lowest tier. The UX could be better for sure...

      Haven't tried workspace, but thanks for sharing!

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