Got A Kickass Feedback Today Thanks To My Slack Community! 🔥

I'm so happy to write this post because the traction on my product's slack community has been slowly but steadily growing and idea of creating a Ruttl slack community is proving to be quite useful. I'm collecting lot of valuable feedback on different types of product issues and new feature requests from users through it. It's also turned out to be great for having one-on-one conversations with these users to understand their thoughts. 💭

Lately I have received bunch of good reviews and it's a great source of motivation for my team and me! Today, one of the users praised us by comparing to one of the leading competitors of Ruttl. ✨

💡 I have been using Markup for 2 years. But my first impression of ruttl is that ruttl blows Markup away! Loving it so far, just getting started.

Ruttl feedback image

This is the exact reason why I am excited about building products for people. It isn't primarily about being better than your competitors. It's more about making sure that your product provides value and making the life of your users easier by solving their issues! 🚀

Are you using any methods like Slack/Discord groups to collect user feedback for your product? Because if not, I would highly recommend you guys to give it a shot once!

Have a great day,
Harsh 💯

Are you running your own product community yet?
  1. Yes ✅
  2. No ❌
  3. Working on it 💪
  4. Considering to make one 🤔
  5. Not useful for me 🤷‍♂️
  1. 1

    Hi, @harshvijay!

    It must be a pretty exciting moment for you! I'd say keep the momentum and keep nourishing your community!

    I think it's a very good idea to have your own community for your products. I am wondering, how long after you started working on ruttl did you make a dedicated community?

    I'm already deep into developing BotMeNot, and your approach seems like something I should try out!


    1. 2

      Personally, I believe that creating a product community is quite subjective to each product and the stage it is at in it's growth lifecycle. That being said, I create my Ruttl community after roughly 10-11 months of being into it.

      After the product was at a stable enough MVP, I create slack to generate real feedback which helped me a lot during my Appsumo product launch as well.

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