Got Featured in the Slack App Directory

A month ago, our team burnt out.

The team of 3 became a team of 1 and I had lost all the momentum to keep going.

So I quit.

It was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make — coming to the conclusion that I didn't have what it took crushed me.

Luckily I had built a circle of friends that were founders and each one of them encouraged me to keep going. They showed me the ins and outs, ups and downs of their business and it got me excited again, so I got back to work.

I focused on providing a more solid experience in Slack and a month later, Clap is featured in the Slack App Directory!

All this to say — just keep going.

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    Marketplace seems quite an interesting growth channel. Can you share some numbers you get from the slack marketplace vs how it went when you got featured, how many customers came on board, ...

    1. 2

      In the 2 days it has been featured so far:

      • 19 workspaces (free trial)

      I reached out to their customer service email and made a request for it to be featured in certain categories. They responded 3-4 weeks later that it was featured with one of the categories I asked for. It was an easy process.

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