Got fed up making my app perfect for 2 years to launch, so launching whatever was built.

Hey there indie hackers, so as the title says, I have been working on my app tradeplan.io for 2 years working in it to be perfect before launch. For a very long time, I was using tradeplan.co to collect emails of potential users.

I always had an excuse to delaying the launch. 🙄

The copy is not good... The guides are not ready...... The images are not clear... UI...🤔

So finally a few days ago I couldn't take the delay anymore & snapped, I was like f#$k this perfect app shit and went live anyways. Guess what?

My crypto app crashed like bitcoin the same day! 🤣

Pushed a few updates since then to make it live. Beta users are giving feedback, reporting bugs, overall I am feeling positive momentum. The app does crash again every day for some new reason, but that's OK.

I later added a big bold "beta" just to make it clear this site is expected to crash 🤣

As a non-tech founder with 1 Developer for the backend and 1 part-timer for the frontend as a team, the bigger blessing of going live was that now my team is more motivated. We have a few users, like 5 or so who report if the app is not working as it should.

This is motivating us to fix issues and make the app better compared to just optimizing for ghosts earlier.

At this point, I am engaging with our beta sign-up email list and Twitter users with no active promotion so won't consider it as a launch.

⏭️ What next?

I have a week's target to fix all major bugs known for now. After which I will start promoting it more aggressively. I am posting the app in different places to help with the backlinks and organic traffic. (I think I need to snap more often, why do I feel like I am getting trapped in the waiting train again.)

If you are interested in crypto trading irrespective of if you know anything about it or not. Do join our telegram group. I will be more than happy to clear all your doubts.


Help me decide what next I should do?
  1. Wait for all bug-free perfect app
  2. Screw it, just start promoting the hell out of it.
  3. Go for the low hanging fruit and get a few easy wins to get momentum
  4. Fix enough bugs to avoid the app from crashing and connect directly with users 1 to 1.
    1. 1

      I guess I couldn't take the wait any more.

      The app was launch ready, I was not !

  1. 1

    It pains me to keep reading this same disaster over and over.

    Think about this: Almost every other week I have to upgrade my Netflix app due to "bug fixes and feature improvements".

    That's NETFLIX.

    "Perfect" and "Bug Free" DOES NOT EXIST. EVER!

    Release. Today.

    1. 1

      It's one of those founder life lesson that founder have to learn it themselves.

      I think few days ago I was listening to a podcast and something the host said make me feel guilty of not releasing the app I guess.

      So I launched it in the moment.

  2. 1

    Stay in bug hunt for another week or so, beat the hell out of it yourself and then go to the stored up list of email folks. Do some early user interviews if you can to see how the fit fits and then (although you should have it ready) switch completely to app marketing mode with a serious plan. when the bugs are gone go for some fit tweaks if truly needed.

    1. 1

      Actually I have started with the mailing list. It was good cause I haven't mailed them in months. I need re-nurture the leads and engage with them.
      I have giving my self a week to fix the bug and work on some UI improvements. Thanks.

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