Got my first 4 paying customers (MRR $107)

Matteo here!

During the last four weeks, I’ve been working nights and days on Heyhi 👨🏼‍🏭. https://heyhi.io
I'm the one behind design, development, marketing and sales.

Such a great feeling to finally reach my first $107 MRR — after nine months of zero economics rewards as indie hacker...

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    This is pretty cool! Congrats also.

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    Great service! Painland was good also:) how did you promoted your service? Did you try paid ads or only free options? Thanks ! Good luck with it. Worth trying as it really looks more personal touch :)

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      No paid ads, I shared on:

      • some Slack communities of Marketers and Salespeople
      • Betalist
      • Product Hunt
      • Indie Hackers
      • Hacker News
      • Twitter


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    This is a whole new level of getting closer to your customers! Also, your landing page is superb. Congratulations on your achievements so far!

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    Woohoo! Congrats!! Always a great feeling to get your first customers!

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    Congrats! Also, great landing page!

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    after nine months of zero economics rewards as indie hacker...

    I know the feeling, bro. I know the feeling.

    It took me almost 12 whole months to make my first dollar, pivoting here and there.

    I'm so happy you made it -- congratulations!

    The product also looks super-interesting, video-based live chat? Game changer.

    How did you chance upon this idea?

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    Congrats! The first revenue is the sweetest!

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    Added bonus: all your website visitors will see this widget for a bit until the ad blockers get word of it.

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    Congrats Matteo. I know you've been working hard on this! Much success.

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      Thanks @bflitter, come and say hi - I'm online on Heyhi now :)

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    Looks very original!! I wish you the best

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    Super nice service! Congrats!!

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    Congrats! Like this idea, this is in the field of my interest. Will be watching :)

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    Congrats Matteo, cool product!

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    Aweseom stuff Matteo, congrats on the milestone!

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    Nine months! Congratulations on such achievement.

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    Wow, this looks really useful. The company I work for might like this, I'll nudge my boss and see what he thinks. Great job and congrats!

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      🙏🏼 any feedback is so much appreciated, even if it's a strong NO... I'd love to know why, thanks man

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    Hey Matteo! Congrats on this accomplishment. Celebrate all tiny milestones :)

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    Congratulations @matteomosca . Looks great, I will be following to see how this develops.

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    Congrats! This looks pretty neat, curious to see how it goes from here :)

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      Thanks @momoko! Today I'm defining the next steps analysing all the feedback that I collected yesterday from the video calls that I got... tons of market insights :)

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    love the idea that customers can schedule meetings from homepage itself

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      thanks @GorvGoyl, come and say a 30 seconds "hi" live, when you are free!

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    Congrats on the milestone!

    I love the idea of Heyhi! The LP looks great and explains the product well. I was confused in the beginning whether it's a solution for live video chat, or a way for me to record myself in a personal way (like the example in the top-right of the LP).

    By the way, you name was familiar and I didn't know from where. Now I noticed we were matched in Frenl back in February.

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      Thanks Ran,
      Exactly, it's both of the things that you mentioned:

      • You can add a welcome video message to invite visitors to call (like the one at the top of the LP);
      • And it's a live video chat;

      Yes we matched in Frenl as well :)

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    Well done! I voted you up on PH yesterday.

    Have you considered making video optional for the customer? I think a lot of people might be eager to talk to the founder or a service rep when checking out a site but also shy about doing a video chat.

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      Yep, I was thinking to do "only-audio"!

      Some stats from the launch (14th October):

      • 736 website visitors;
      • 247 users clicked "Join Video Call";
      • 76 users confirm access to camera and mic;
      • I did 25 video calls - I was alone getting calls, so I lost some of them while I was on call and other hang up after giving access to camera and mic, but I got LOOOOTS of precious feedback;
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    Congrats! Love the concept and the website looks super neat.

    Im' curious about how did you integrate real time calling with bubble? Was it out of the box or you wrote something in React?

    P.S: updated you in PH

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      I use a live video streaming platform (out of the box), and I embed the web-app (built in bubble) in an iframe which runs on the client's websites

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    @matteomosca congrats! Nine months is a lot so kudos for hanging on!

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    Congrats on your first customers ! I love the concept of your product !

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    Congrats on the validation so far, love the product concept!

    Has the Product Hunt launched helped drive any additional revenue?

    Just upvoted 🔼

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      Yep, some new customers but now it's definitely a matter of finding the product-market fit... so I'll interview all the users that have signed up (and paid) asking for feedback :)

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    Hey Matteo grats on your first 4 paying customers. We've got your next 1000 paying customers!

    I run partnerships for a leading SaaS marketplace and I'd love to explore hosting a deal for heyhi.io on our site. This would cost you zero dollars and would get you a few 1000 paying customers alongside branding on a global scale.

    2 reasons you should consider a disc call right now:

    Black Friday is nearly upon us. We're anticipating a huge website spike and all live deals would see massive conversions.

    Your Indiehackers traffic can be diverted to your own deals page on our marketplace and conversions can be made quicker.

    Interested? Let's chat! DM me!

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    Hey Matteo - this is super cool, congrats! Two quick questions - 1) did you build the website yourself (it looks great) and 2) how are you tracking the analytics on your site?

    Thanks and best of luck :)

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      1. Yep, all by myself in 1 week 👨🏼‍🏭
      2. Hotjar and Google Analytics 🕵️‍♂️

      Thanks buddy

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    dude ridiculously cool product!!

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    Hey Matteo,

    I'm the co-founder of QuizBound.io. A saas platform helping businesses generate sales qualified leads with quizzes.
    We've also been working day and night for the last 2 weeks. It's been a busy 6 moths of zero economics for us too. It's really inspiring to see your post here. Hope we'll post a similar goal for QuizBound in the coming weeks. 💪🏼

    Keep up the good work my friend! You have a nice product 💯

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    Wow your website and indie business is great, a really good idea I think. Wish you lots more success

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    This is such an awesome idea. Having come so far alone, just curious why you would want a co-founder at this stage? Good luck, it looks like it has a lot of potential.

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    Woow! Congrats . That's a real great milestone .I run a cto as a service if you're interested

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    PS Today Heyhi is on Product Hunt, come and share some 🔥https://www.producthunt.com/posts/heyhi

    Hope to increase that MRR!

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