Grants X Startups

Grants X Startups with Sedale Turbovsky, CEO and co-founder of OpenGrants.io

The OpenGrants platform is a search engine and expert marketplace unlocking non-dilutive U.S. funding for organizations around the world.

Grants 101 for Startups is a crash course in navigating non-dilutive grant funding for founders. Sedale will cover the nuances of securing public funding and working with the government.

You will learn how to find grant funding, evaluate opportunities, and develop relationships with government agencies.

Sedale will help you think through:

  • How to prepare your company to receive grant funding
  • How to find, win and manage grant funding
  • Managing issues of IP, liability, etc when working with the government
  • Managing cash flow with government grant agreements
  • Accessing your civil servants

You'll walk away from this session:

  • Understanding the basics of submitting competitive grant applications
  • How to know if grants are a good fit for your startup
  • How to prepare your company to receive a grant.

Register for this session here:

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