May 28, 2019

Great SaaS email sequences

Ramy Khuffash @Ramy

I've just launched Email Flows on Product Hunt ( which is a growing library of email screenshots from popular brands.

I know a lot of fellow indie hackers are working on SaaS products, so instead of just asking to check out the post, I figured it would be helpful to share some examples of SaaS companies who I think do email well:

Figma - I like that they recognise most new users will be coming from Sketch and don't shy away from that:

TunnelBear - I love these because the brand is just so fun, which seems super effective in such a saturated market:

YNAB - This sequence for trial users is essentially a free course on personal finance, which I imagine is super effective:

I hope some of you find these useful when you're crafting emails for your SaaS. Let me know what you think!

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    this is very cool! upvoted on PH, but i guess a day late.... #5 of the day, nice!

    It reminds me of, which I do use to browse for inspiration for landing pages (which I see you have too); i like the opportunity to see how SaaS companies are onboarding, and helpful to see that you've noted what type of campaign they are sending the emails for.

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      Thanks for the kind words and vote! Yeah is cool, quite an advanced set of tools!

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    Nice, I find these kind (examples emails, landing pages, etc) of things useful when stuck for inspiration for what to do/write.

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      Thanks, Rosie - that’s exactly what this is for!