Grooming a community - How did you do it?

I think it’s time for me to let go of the members in my community who have been dormant for some time.

Before I deactivate them I thought it’d best to:

  1. Warn them and give them the option to stay.
  2. Set a timeframe for when I need to hear from them.
  3. Ask what could make the community valuable.

Thoughts? What steps did you take to groom a community? What was the outcome?

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    Value, value and value. Trust me, if you can provide them personalized value, I think they might become reactive.

    I faced a similar issue for my productivity tool, Brutask recently. However, I managed to send hyper personalized content to these dormant individuals and a certain percentage turned active again.

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      good ideas on trying to reactivate first!

    2. 1

      Thank you for this response.

      The community I created is on Slack. I’m finding it challenging to engage people with personalized context on that platform.

      Can you talk most about how created hyper personalized content and how you sent it?

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        Here are a few tips to try out

        • Use firstnames, it really connects with the audience
        • Understand the stage of your user. What might be the questions inside their head? Directly answer it
        • Use streak chrome extension, it saves tons of time
        • Make sure to use pre-text that is initially visible to the user. Your subject and pretext can be heavily customized to directly answer a question the user might have
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