Groove's Growth hack to build a 5M/Year Business in 3 years

Groove, a customer support SaaS business, built a $5M/Year Business in 3 Years by just doing content marketing.

Learn, how they did it.

In the initial days, the real challenge for Groove was about promoting their business and getting customers.

They thought of promoting their brand by creating content and building a customer base.

Groove reached out to content marketers for help. In this process, they realized they needed to do something unique.

There has to be a reason for people to read their content.

Rather than focusing on customer service content which every SaaS business was doing.

They tried a different angle of content marketing i.e by sharing their story with the people. There was no SaaS company that was sharing the real numbers and the exact strategies they were working on to run their business.

According to Alex, founder of Groove:

It wouldn’t be enough to just share “lessons learned,” of course.

There was plenty of content out there for that.

But nothing told the story in a way that mirrored the real experience of most small businesses; a narrative that started with the creation of the company and followed it, step by step, win by win, fail by fail, lesson by lesson, through its journey.

Groove looked at this opportunity and grabbed it. They started a blog where they were sharing every detail of their business.

Before writing the blog, they reached out to other SaaS business founders (who were also their target customers) via email, Linkedin, Reddit, or Twitter.

Groove asked them about the real-life challenges they face in running the business. It could be anything from team management to taking financial decisions.

This gave groove an insight into what people would like to know and read.

When they published the first article on the blog, they got 1000 subscribers within 24 hours.

Insane right?

Soon, they started to get traction and people were writing stories about them.

The people who were reading about their journey also started signing up for their product.

Today, more than 2,50,000 people read their content and who are also their target customers.

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  1. 2

    Nice sum-up! I remember they were the one of the first, if not the first, company to be really transparent in sharing real revenue numbers. That was before "build in public" was a thing :)

    1. 1

      Thanks :)

      Yes, they were one of the first to try something like this. They have inspired many B2B brands to build in public.

  2. 1

    @Sunilross thanks for sharing this!

    I love this and plan on using the same strategy to grow Median Cobrowse!

    In my option, this is the best way to build relationships without sounding salesy

    1. 1

      Build in public is great idea to gain traction.

      Tip: Just looked at the website, would great if you optimise the landing pages for mobile too :)

      1. 1

        I noticed that right after I posted the link. haha

        It has been fixed. I think.

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