Growth February 7, 2020

Grow our Twitter Audience

Ara Ghougassian @Ara

Hey IH! If there's one thing I've learnt from last year it's the need to grow out an personal audience. Twitter is a great way to do this.

Let's all help each other. Comment down bellow with your twitter username & a little bit about you. Looking forward to following new ppl :)

I'm and am building projects to make learning easier & more enjoyable

  1. 4 – Everything You Need to Know about Growing Your Online Audience. Launched 2020.

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      You have nearly 160K followers :O

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      Thanks for sharing David - following! Looking forward to your newly pivoted account :)

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        Thank you Ara :D

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      Without trying to imply anything: did you buy the account with 160k followers already? It looks like the account was inactive for a few years and the topics are different now.

      If so, do you see a lot of involvement from the followers? I see that the interactions on your tweets seem to be very low, so I wondered if its driving a lot of qualified traffic or is it primarily to appear like a bigger page? Or was it just for the Twitter handle?

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        Hey my man, that's a fair question.

        No is the short answer. It used to be a design inspiration account which I recently pivoted. Engagement is low due to the fact the account has been idle for quite some time now. The account will pick up engagement now that I'm back posting more regularly.

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          Interesting, thanks for clarifying! I like the idea of pivoting an existing account as opposed to starting from scratch.

          If you don't mind me asking: do you think the majority of the followers can be won over for the new topic or do you expect a lot of them to unfollow/stop engaging?

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            Well since pivoting I've actually only had a small drop. I'm also gaining new followers interested in marketing, digital marketing as because of my large following I would be seen as an expert in the field. I would imagine my account will gain quickly in the coming months.

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    Hello. I'm - I'm all about community, growth, marketing and of course indie hacking :)

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      Hey Rosie. I absolutely love the IH community - you're doing an excellent job here :) Followed, and looking forward to keeping in touch!

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        Thank you :)

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    Twitter is a great way to actually get ideas across to people. I'm surprised you guys have so many followers. That's amazing!

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      You should hop on twitter too (if you already are add me so I can follow back😀)
      Just started less than a year ago and already lead to new friends/opportunists offline. The tech community is really awesome on there :)

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    It's important indeed!
    I recently created a topic for following fellow makers:
    You can find a lot of great people there.

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      Thanks for sharing friend! Will also hop over to your thread to find some more cool people :)

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    I recently quit my job to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. Currently in the ideas generation validation phase of some of them. Looking forward to being more engage and active in this amazing community.

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      That's a big step forward, wishing you luck this year with your new ventures friend :)

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    Yeah, I wanted to give twitter a try to share my experiences on building!

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      Hey Kevin, love it, looking forward to hearing more from you on twitter :)

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      Followed :)

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    Not exactly what you're asking, but if I may chime in, there are generally 3 ways to grow your Twitter following organically:

    1) Post a lot of great original content regularly
    If you want a genuine audience, you have to regularly pump out good content centered around your niche, whatever it is. Your content will determine the kind of audience you build. At the risk of being sellsy, my app Zlappo automates that like a champ, helping you batch schedule not just tweets but also threads (candid long-form storytelling), auto-retweets of your evergreen content, auto-promote your offers, and more.

    2) Engage with bigger accounts in your niche
    As an account with a smaller following, you need to leverage on the following of bigger accounts in your reach. Like, retweet, quote, and reply to their tweets to gain visibility among their bigger following. Bonus points if they engage back with you.

    3) Follow related accounts, lists, join groups
    I'm generally not a big fan of follow-for-follow, but it works if you follow the right accounts (accounts that you think might be interested in your offer). Lists are generally a gold mine, assuming you can locate them. Twitter groups are also excellent for general networking; you never know who might have what you need or know who you need to know.

    I also post more Twitter tips on my personal account as well as my app account

    Hope you guys found this useful.

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      Great advice Jay, thanks for sharing here! Looking forward to hearing more from you on twitter.

  8. 2 I'm a full-stack JS developer building event marketing technology!

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      Nice to meet you Noah, followed :)

  9. 2 - Trying to launch my YouTube channel where I talk about becoming an Indie Dev and share my successes and failures along the way.

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      That's awesome Eddy. Really believe YT is one of the most powerful ways to build out an audience over time, especially since your YT community can also flow to twitter, patreon, instagram, etc.

      Subed to your channel :) I'm also creating content here (vox-like explainer videos) if you're interested!

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        Thanks Ara. Subed to yours too and following you on Twitter! :)

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    I tweet fancy Doka Image Editor work in progress gifs and share the occasional web development article.

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      Nice to meet you Rik - followed!
      Doka looks incredible man - really well done lightweight img editor. Whats your biggest product or business goal this year that you're trying to achieve?

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        Hi! Thanks!

        I’m rewriting Doka in Svelte and rethinking the API. The current codebase is stretched to its limits so it’s getting difficult to add new features. The new codebase will be more modular, and allow for custom views / utils to be added by customers. It’ll also feature undo/redo functionality + perspective transforms.

        I’d be very happy if the whole thing is done before summer. At the moment I’m working on the image cropping UI (the most difficult part) so that’s the weird animated rectangle you see in my twitter feed ;-)

        From a business perspective I intend to do some more content marketing and reach out to potential affiliates.

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          Perspective transforms right in browser - you are a mad man (in the best possible way haha) that's awesome mate. Best of luck this year Rik :)

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            Haha, thanks Ara 😄

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    Currently only working on a side project with a little bit of potential if VERY fortunate. Hoping to find inspiration, ideas and maybe even collaborative projects with fellow passionate people.
    Need to find a way out of the 9-5 grind!

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      Good stuff Anton! What led you to build fight-score, haha it's definitely a unique problem set, curious to hear the story behind that

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        Hey. It was basically a conversation on a boxing forum I go on, not a very active one. But it led to me coming up with this concept which I knew I could develop so I thought why not and made a bare-bones version.
        I really got the bug to keep developing and essentially I have kept doing so, making it into a fully fledged community website.
        The aim is to try and make a change, a dent in the actual sport. It really suffers from these horrible dodgy scorecards and the judge who give it has zero consequence.
        With scorecards being a BIT more transparent, it might improve how the fans see things and be more receptive to inevitably bad scorecards (that aspect will never disappear).
        I figured the way to TRY and demand a change to the system is by building a community of dedicated fans who would champion the idea and with enough people on board and the concept "out there", it could possibly be adopted.
        It's a bit ambitious I know, but I love working on it and will continue to, even if it's only ever a side project.

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          That's awesome mate. Really championing the idea of 'if this thing is broken, any everyone agrees that it is, why not just try to fix it'

          Wonder if you could get it accepted bottoms-up. Going to junior/smaller events and pitching the decision makers to give your new scorecard a go - work up from there

  12. 2 - Blips of a software engineer. From frontend, iOS and scalable backends to remote work, teams and open source. Big indie fan.

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    Hello! I'm from Spain and have started to use twitter to share my journey building products and try to share my "knowledge"

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      Hey Soler - looking forward for hearing more about your journey, followed :)

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        Sure! Thanks

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    I'm Currently I'm working on building a digital logbook for pilots, and tweet about a few technical topics mostly related to C#, front-end and data science. Sometimes I add some aviation topics to the mix, and spice up my timeline with psychology related topics.

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      Hey Corstian, followed!

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        I like the glider you have up there in your header!

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          Thanks man, that's a moment in history that really inspires me

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    Hi, I'm Thomas and my product is an app for writers :

    I'm a software engineer & I love making Saas and tools.

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    Helping people monitor and track their 401K and retirement savings

  17. 1 — Hustling to reach $2020 MRR by the end of 2020 from & while having a fulltime job!

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      Hey Richard! Congrats on the latest PH launch! Following :)

  18. 1 - talk about programming and career

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      Followed :)

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      Hey Renan, good stuff, looking forward to seeing what you have to share :) Followed!

  19. 1 - I'm in the first phases of building a startup around a Fitness app, sharing my journey, my experiences, and interests around development, design, and marketing

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      Awesome man - DM me if you ever need user feedback. Followed :)

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        Thanks. Followed back!

  20. 1 - I'm a full snack developer who's building his own products!

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      Followed :)

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      That sounds delicious. Looking forward to hearing some sweet dev tips Josh haha - followed :)

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    Hey Ara,

    My name is Uku and I'm building a privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative at

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      Congrats on the launch Uku, looking forward to hearing your updates, followed :)

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      Love the meetup Anthony, will have to jump on the next one! Followed :) DM me if you ever want to bounce ideas around about goodwork - I think about the ideal cafe work conditions a lot haha

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        Will do :)

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    I'm - I certainly have to be more active on Twitter. Its one of my big goals for 2020. Still, it doesn't come naturally to me yet.

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      Hey Felix. Followed so that's one more person to engage with :) DW i don't think it comes to many people naturally, in the beginning it feels kind of like talking to a wall, that's why i figured running these threads would helps us all get a little closer to each other in the community

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        Thank you! Yes exactly, it feels a bit like screeming for attention in an empty room.

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    Hello, I'm and our product is :)

    I am a Data Scientist interested in all things startups and tech, and Feedgrip is our approach to Feedback Management.

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      Followed :)

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      Hey Dimitris, looking forward to hearing what you have to share, followed :)

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    Hello I’m - interested in tech and strategy, currently building TribePulse

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      Hey Yang - TribePulse looks cool, how's progress on it like, any traction picking up atm or is it early days? Followed :)

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    Good initiative. Just followed you on Twitter.

    The easiest way to learn AWS with bite-sized content and daily questions from