Growing Instagram accounts organically with hashtags just got even easier 🥳

Increasing the reach of your Instagram account using hashtags just got even easier with the new version of Curate. 🎉

Curate’s brand new release focused on three areas to help you excel on Instagram:

  • Teaching the do’s and don’ts of using hashtags on Instagram by showing personalized checklists.
  • Clearer presentation of the most insightful data to monitor when employing your hashtag strategies.
  • Decreasing the time it takes you to select your hashtags when planning your content even further.

It’s a pretty packed release but I cover these three areas of focus a little more in-depth on our Medium story explaining the updates. 💪

I've also included a few new Dribble Shots to show it off. 🤓

Let me know what you think!

  1. 1

    Hey Justin,

    I signed up for your serviced and played around a little, because I liked the idea of analyzing used hashtags and optimizing their usage.

    But honestly, I wouldn't pay 15-19 USD per month (!) for your service right now. In my opinion, it has too less functionality and is lacking the opportunity to give your users more tips and recommendations what they can to / should to.

    For me, it just looks like a nice little hashtag analyzing tool which I would pay 5 USD per month AT MAX.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback Flowdee.

      I guess I didn't show you enough value 🤓

      Onboarding is pretty light right now but if you are able to have that "a-ha" moment then the price doesn't become an issue.

      Even if Curate did absolutely nothing for my following, reach, engagement, etc (which should be impossible if you actually use it). Then I still save hours of research and planning every month for my content strategy.

      For the Influencers, businesses or professionals that are serious about their Instagram, Time is money. The $11 gap you mentioned doesn't cause them to bat an eye. I actually get the reverse feedback from this group. Charge more!

      1. 1

        Sometimes, a the founder you see more value than your customers ;)

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